2021-2022 Staff


Santana C

Hi my name is Santana and I love sports I play baseball basketball and football I also like pets a lot dogs are my favorite I like Huskies!


Tri’zure A

I'm Tri'zure, I'm an 8th grader and my pronouns are She/They, my favorite color is red, I enjoy playing Genshin impact and that's all :)


Tori H

hi my name is tori I'm a 7th grader here at Stewart. my pronouns are she/her and I love to draw and read I've been dancing for 7 years my favorite type of books/ movies are horror and mystery


Giancarlos D

I'm Giancarlos, you could call me Carlos. I like music, and reading, and math. I have 3 cats.


Lily R

Hii! My name is Lily. I am a cat person, my favorite color is red and black, I go by she/her, and I am a Pisces. 


Rina H

I'm Rina I'm an 8th grader at Stewart, and I go by any pronouns. I'm cool and awesome and I like to play Roblox!! and genshin..I guess. I loovveeee cats!!!!!!!!!


Angelica R

I'm Angelica (angel – ee – ca), I'm an 8th grader. My pronouns are she / her. I enjoy shopping and socializing with others. I spend most of my free time on social media, like Tiktok and Instagram. ...


Melita M

My name is Melita and I love to either be on my phone or play volleyball on my free time. I also love socializing with my friends and sometimes shop online.

Kyleaundreh D

Kyle’aundreh D

Hi, I'm Kyle'aundreh, but you can call me Kye or Aundreh (Pronouns She/Her). I'm a Youth Actress, my dream is to be on Broadway, I'm Pansexual, and Demisexual, and I love to sing!


Jenny S

Jenny used to go to Fawcett Elementary and has been to Stewart since 6th grade. She's been drawing for almost 8 years. She also enjoys animating, playing rhythm games, and watching horror films. Back home she owns 4 dogs, 3 of...


Madison G

hello, my name is Madison (she/her). I’m a 8th grader here at Stewart. I love all sorts of different activities; reading, writing, drawing etc. I'm not sure what I want to do with my future just yet but I hope whatever I pick...


Avary L

I'm am Avary and I like reading and writing and playing volleyball. I am in 8th grade. I have a cat, and favorite color is dark red and dark blue.


Klohi D

I'm Klohi, I've always loved inspirational quotes and helping people. I believe common sense will get you many places in life. I'm in 8th grade and my favorite subject is math. I also like to write, sleep, skateboard, and play...


Gunnar C

Hi! my name is Gunnar and I have three pets. I have two cats and a dog. I like reading, gaming, and drawing. I live happily in Tacoma with both my parents.


Yen N

I'm an Asian artist who usually prefers writing about things that are happening around or movies and games. Drawing is one of my side hobbies, I'm in 7th grade and likes to chat with friends on social media. I can be a bit "quiet"...


Khanh B

H, I'm Bi, people said I'm good at many things like Math, sketching, geometry, geography, poetic, knows three languages, etc. that's all I wanted to say!


Zepa C

I'm Zepa and I am a staff writer. I enjoy shopping and any type of art. I use any pronouns and I am in the 8th grade. I spend most of my weekends baking all types of desserts and foods. I have my own business and website where...


Charlyn G

My favorite hobbies include Gaming, Reading, Writing, and Watching things. I am a quite simple girl. My favorite color would be lime green and I love Ice Cream! Oh, and I am allergic to Eggs, and Gluten. Have a good day!

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