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Panthers Now

Panthers Now

Water Fountain Madness

Gunnar C and Kye D April 21, 2022

What's the scariest thing you can think of doing at Stewart Middle School -- besides getting called on in math class?  Probably drinking out of the water fountains.  I mean, if you want to fill...

“The Slap:” Chris Rock got what he deserved, students say

March 29, 2022

Sunday night, Will Smith won the first Oscar of his career -- for best actor in the film, "King Richard." But not before he made headlines by slapping Chris Rock on live TV after the comedian, while presenting...

Szariyah G., with bullhorn, is one of the students leading calls for change here at Stewart.

Guest editorial: Changes I’d like to see at Stewart

Szariyah G., Student leader March 24, 2022

Szariyah G., an 8th grader, is one of the leaders of the student movement to address bullying, harassment, and similar problems here at Stewart. She helped organize the two student walkouts earlier this...

Stewart Walkout Experience

Stewart Walkout Experience

March 16, 2022

Stewart Middle School students took a stand Tuesday morning. And, got on news Fox13! Many came to show support and sympathy for the victims of sexual assault/harassment along with bullying issues.   The...

Sensitive or aware?

Sensitive or aware?

Zepa C., Editor March 3, 2022

Gen Z has had lots of recognition for being “too sensitive”. Lots of new generation has either been born during the quarantine era or was forced to adapt to this era as the new normal. Covid-19 hasn’t...

If and when the mask rule goes away, it wont mean the end of mask anxiety.

Thinking about a mask-less future

February 17, 2022

As the surge in coronavirus cases brought by the Omicron variant recedes across the United States, governors in several states have started lifting mask mandates for indoor public spaces and schools. Washington...

When Does Discipline Go Too Far?

Zepa C., Editor February 14, 2022

Typing up this opinion was difficult; I didn’t want to offend or make any parents or children uncomfortable. But I want to spread awareness about the topic of child abuse, so it’s going to get a little...

Banning books in schools?

February 10, 2022

There's been a lot in the news lately about how some people are trying to ban books from school classrooms and libraries -- especially books about race, gender and sexuality. Here's what our students...

Confessions of a skipper

Kyle’Aundreh D., Writer January 27, 2022
"Sure, maybe I’m grounded, I have my phone taken away and I have after-school detention next week from 3-4:15, but I don’t regret it because I was with my friends."

COVID vaccine now available for all Stewart Panthers

November 8, 2021

Students at Stewart have been steadily practicing safety precautions for the past 2 months that we have been back in school. Now, vaccines are available for all students panthers! On November 2nd the CDC...

How to improve school lunches?

Gunnar and Yen October 18, 2021

The majority of the students complain and claim that they hate school lunches, and a number of others claim to like it. What side are you on? Do you think lunches should be improved?   School...

Stewart students’ opinions on Instagram Kids

October 6, 2021
Luckily for me I have not been a victim of body shaming or hateful comments, but I won’t lie and say that I’m not scared to post pictures of myself. Social media has it’s pros and cons. 
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