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Panthers Now

Panthers Now

Your inner critic doesnt have to hold you back

Your inner critic doesn’t have to hold you back

Klohi D., Writer May 16, 2022

People will always be their own worst critic, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Holding yourself to a high standard is okay but putting yourself down when you aren’t where you want to be is not. I...

What Are Teachers Willing To Do?

Avary L March 22, 2022

The bullying and harassment going on in Stewart Middle School is the cause of the recent walkouts. The first walkout was supported by the school and staff, but the second one was not. How does the staff...

Fox 13 reporter outside Stewart Middle School.

We made the news

Angelica R March 15, 2022

Our school made the news today. On Fox News 13 they reported on our school's on-going concern about bullying and harassment.  Fox 13 reporter John Hopperstad said Stewart's students say the...

Masks: On Or Off?

Klohi D March 14, 2022

As of 2020, students and people everywhere have had to wear masks every day and follow all COVID precautions. On March 14th Tacoma public school district is planning to lift this mandate but not everyone...

Stewart students worry about the war in Ukraine

Gunnar C and Max C. March 14, 2022

It’s a little far-fetched to think that Russian paratroopers will be landing anywhere near us soon, but the situation in Ukraine has us thinking about what it must be like to have another country invading...

Hopemarys sign covers many of the issues that drove organizers of Wednesdays walkout.

Stewart’s Anti-Bullying Walkout

Kye D March 9, 2022

Hundreds of Stewart Middle School students walked out of class Wednesday morning to protest a whole array of problems – in-school bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, suicide, and to express their...

Ms. Renee has been the heart and soul of Stewart for 23 years.

The heart and soul of the Panthers

Lily R., Writer March 3, 2022

Everybody knows Ms. Renee. She is the office manager at Stewart but really, she is so much more. If you need to be reminded about taking your hat off or pulling down your hood, she is there for you. If...

Ms. Kaitlyn Calhoun is a caring teacher who looks out for her  studetns.

The middle school experience of a language arts teacher

Max C., Writer February 24, 2022

The words I would use to describe Ms. Calhoun, my 7th grade language arts teacher, are joyful, protective, and thoughtful. She always has a smile on her face and enjoys working with students. She makes...

Carinna Tarvin is the Librarian at Stewart Middle School. A former social studies teacher at Lincoln, this is her first year at Stewart and as a librarian.

Reading into the upbringing of Stewart librarian, Ms. Tarvin

Jenny S February 24, 2022

Carinna Tarvin is the librarian at Stewart Middle School. This year is her first at Stewart and her first as a librarian. She's a light-hearted and energetic person. She's accepting and a proud supporter...

Ms. Daneen Housman is a 7th grade math teacher here at Stewart. She was inspired to go into teaching by her 5th grade teacher, who made learning fun.

With her own math struggles in mind, Ms. Housman helps her students

Raejeny P., Writer February 23, 2022

Ms. Daneen Housman teaches math and also has a math intervention class. That really helps me because I'm not the best at math and if I miss something in my other math class, we will usually go over the...

Students in Ms. Tomkinsons 8th grade science class flexed their vocab skills to create punny, sciency Valentines Day cards.

‘Our chemistry is undeniable’

Tori H, Writer February 16, 2022

Have you ever seen a class do science Valentines? This year Mrs. Tomkinson, an 8th grade science teacher here at Stewart, had her classes make science-related Valentine’s cards. They are these small...

Saniyah J., a student leader in the 7th grade, is an avid fencer, dancer, martial artist and volleyball player.

Meet Saniyah, a student leader with a sword

Yen N, Writer February 3, 2022

Meet 13-year-old, Saniyah J. and her interestingly busy life. And this is not the normal busy day you have occasionally; the busy we’re talking about is having the same routine, having to do fencing,...

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