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Panthers Now

Panthers Now

Did you know? Amaze your friends with your detailed knowledge of the month of war

Did you know? Amaze your friends with your detailed knowledge of ‘the month of war’

Zepa C, Writer and Knower of Nearly All Things March 25, 2022

I don't know if it's just me, but I frequently question the way things are. And unfortunately I had to come up with an idea for the school newspaper this week, so if you're interested in March's history,...

Stewart Walkout Experience

Stewart Walkout Experience

March 16, 2022

Stewart Middle School students took a stand Tuesday morning. And, got on news Fox13! Many came to show support and sympathy for the victims of sexual assault/harassment along with bullying issues.   The...

Sensitive or aware?

Sensitive or aware?

Zepa C., Editor March 3, 2022

Gen Z has had lots of recognition for being “too sensitive”. Lots of new generation has either been born during the quarantine era or was forced to adapt to this era as the new normal. Covid-19 hasn’t...

Ms. Kaitlyn Calhoun is a caring teacher who looks out for her  studetns.

The middle school experience of a language arts teacher

Max C., Writer February 24, 2022

The words I would use to describe Ms. Calhoun, my 7th grade language arts teacher, are joyful, protective, and thoughtful. She always has a smile on her face and enjoys working with students. She makes...

When Does Discipline Go Too Far?

Zepa C., Editor February 14, 2022

Typing up this opinion was difficult; I didn’t want to offend or make any parents or children uncomfortable. But I want to spread awareness about the topic of child abuse, so it’s going to get a little...

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