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Panthers Now

Panthers Now

Fox 13 reporter outside Stewart Middle School.

We made the news

Angelica R March 15, 2022

Our school made the news today. On Fox News 13 they reported on our school's on-going concern about bullying and harassment.  Fox 13 reporter John Hopperstad said Stewart's students say the...

How much power do eyes hold?

How much power do eyes hold?

Angelica R March 14, 2022

Eyes are particularly important parts of human features. Especially eye contact. Eye contact is a way of communicating, there is a certain way you look at another to let them know what is going on. Eyes...

Lab-Banana takes over the world

Lab-Banana takes over the world

Rina H and Carlos D. March 3, 2022

What is a Lab banana? Lab banana is a banana made with human cells in it. Where did the lab banana come from? Lab banana started off from a YouTube/TikTok video from “Providingforthecommunity”....

If and when the mask rule goes away, it wont mean the end of mask anxiety.

Thinking about a mask-less future

February 17, 2022

As the surge in coronavirus cases brought by the Omicron variant recedes across the United States, governors in several states have started lifting mask mandates for indoor public spaces and schools. Washington...

Banning books in schools?

February 10, 2022

There's been a lot in the news lately about how some people are trying to ban books from school classrooms and libraries -- especially books about race, gender and sexuality. Here's what our students...

The author, back row right, in the cast of the Tacoma Musical Playhouse production of Xanadu 2021.

Don’t let the floodlights fool you

Kyle’Aundreh D., Writer October 7, 2021

So, the things I’ve learned from my four to five years of acting experience is that you have to act confidently but not too confident during an audition, because no one likes an overconfident actor...

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