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Panthers Now

Panthers Now

Water Fountain Madness

Gunnar C and Kye D April 21, 2022

What's the scariest thing you can think of doing at Stewart Middle School -- besides getting called on in math class?  Probably drinking out of the water fountains.  I mean, if you want to fill...

What Are Teachers Willing To Do?

Avary L March 22, 2022

The bullying and harassment going on in Stewart Middle School is the cause of the recent walkouts. The first walkout was supported by the school and staff, but the second one was not. How does the staff...

Stewart’s Own Latin X Club

Avary L, Mckayla P March 16, 2022

Latin-X club  Ms. Rodrigues, The creator of the Latin-X Club, is very welcoming to new people wanting to join. She is very sweet, has good food, and plays fun games with the club students. Ms. Rodrigues...

Masks: On Or Off?

Klohi D March 14, 2022

As of 2020, students and people everywhere have had to wear masks every day and follow all COVID precautions. On March 14th Tacoma public school district is planning to lift this mandate but not everyone...

Hopemarys sign covers many of the issues that drove organizers of Wednesdays walkout.

Stewart’s Anti-Bullying Walkout

Kye D March 9, 2022

Hundreds of Stewart Middle School students walked out of class Wednesday morning to protest a whole array of problems – in-school bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, suicide, and to express their...

All Of Us Are Dead: A Netflix #1 Top Hit

All Of Us Are Dead: A Netflix #1 Top Hit

Yen N and Raejeny P February 11, 2022

All of Us Are Dead, a Netflix series, is a tv show based on a group of students at a high school named Hyosan High School where there is a mysterious virus infecting the students. The main plan is that...

COVID vaccine now available for all Stewart Panthers

November 8, 2021

Students at Stewart have been steadily practicing safety precautions for the past 2 months that we have been back in school. Now, vaccines are available for all students panthers! On November 2nd the CDC...

Joust: A Mighty Medieval Musical!

Joust: A Mighty Medieval Musical!

Kyle'aundreh D. October 28, 2021

Joust had a great, yet cringey storyline. All based off the famous legend of King Arthur, you know, that story about the orphan kid who pulled a sword out of a stone. But in this story, there is a twist.  There...

Tomoe the cat.

The day in the life of Tomoe

Avary L October 20, 2021

I wake up just like every morning I look around my room. It is still dark outside. I see that my owner is starting to get up, just like every morning. I slowly start to get up when BAM!! I was too tired,...

I am Feathers the cat. Admire me, you must.

Feather’s eras of loneliness

Charlyn G, Writer October 7, 2021

Editor's note: First-person pets is a regular feature in which we imagine life as experienced by our critters. “Flubs!” My human seems excited, I don’t know why though?  “Mrow?” I question...

Stewart students’ opinions on Instagram Kids

October 6, 2021
Luckily for me I have not been a victim of body shaming or hateful comments, but I won’t lie and say that I’m not scared to post pictures of myself. Social media has it’s pros and cons. 
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