All Of Us Are Dead: A Netflix #1 Top Hit

All of us are dead, A netflix original, is slowly making it’s way up the charts to the top ten in the U.S Currently at #2. Here’s a little more about the korean drama.


Yen N and Raejeny P

All of Us Are Dead, a Netflix series, is a tv show based on a group of students at a high school named Hyosan High School where there is a mysterious virus infecting the students.

The main plan is that the group of students have is to survive and to stay together as a group and try to have someone rescue them. During this, there is a lot of conflict during the time they are stranded at the school.

What is unique about All of Us Are Dead is that there are a lot of separate groups displayed showing what’s happening from their different perspectives. It really keeps you interested to keep watching episodes after episodes. There are rarely any slow boring parts that you want to skip, the show is mostly always in action. I feel like there might be a part two considering how things ended on the last episode. In total there are 12 episodes that are running about an hour long.

Though many people know about the Netflix series, not a lot of people know about the original comic series, published on Webtoon.

The author of the webtoon, Joo Donggeun, first published the comic in the year 2009 to the year 2011. (To some of those who don’t read webtoon, each episode of a webtoon series is usually released weekly based on the author’s choice.) The original webtoon consists of 130 episodes while the Netflix series only consists of 12 episodes and 128 minutes in total.

Comparing the original webtoon to the Netflix TV series, ultimately there are differences, but the differences are minor and most of the time not noticeable. But one major difference in the show is the origin of the virus, along with the ending.