Super Bowl LVI: Santana says Rams

But like all good sportswriters, he hedges a little, and says don’t be surprised by a Bengals upset.

Santana C., Writer

The NFL Super Bowl this Sunday has the football world buzzing. Super Bowl LVI is between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

It is crazy because the Bengals were never supposed to be in this situation. Last season, quarterback Joe Burrow’s rookie season, the 1st overall pick coming out of Louisiana State University tore his ACL midway through the season against the Washington football team. (They just changed their name to the Washington Commanders, which is bad, but that is a conversation for another time.)

Cincinnati last year was about a bottom 5 worst team in the league.

But after drafting Jamar Chase in the first round and adding some key free agents along the way, they’re looking to take home the Lombardi Trophy. The Bengals are a very motivated team that, still, in my belief, is not the best in the AFC, but at the same time they beat the best two teams, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Tennessee Titans. On the road. In LOUD stadiums.

They’ll have to do that again against the Rams, playing in their brand new, $1 billion SoFi Stadium. Expect to see a lot of Rams fans in the stadium.

Which is an advantage for the Rams. They went against the New England Patriots a couple of years ago in the Super Bowl. Led by Jared Goff, also known as the most boring Super Bowl ever. (The Patriots won Super Bowl LIII 13-3. Zzzzzzzz.)

But that season Jared Goff went off and was doing great. If they had won the big game maybe Goff would still be the quarterback of the Rams. But he is not. The next year he really took a step down and was not the same. The Rams were still good but seemed like a quarterback away from getting back to the title game.

So, they went out and got Mathew Stafford, an incredibly talented quarterback, they seemed like they were right there.

This season Stafford was in the top 5 in TDs but was not great on the interceptions. The reason he was so great was because he had the Offensive Player of the Year award wide receiver Cooper Kupp on his team. The Rams are poised for a Super Bowl run with a great offense and an even better defense.

Kupp, by the way, grew up in Yakima and attended Eastern Washington University, which also produced a certain assistant principal you might know (cough cough Mr. Elford cough cough).

They got through the reigning champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and also the San Francisco 49ers.

It should be a great match. Most everybody has LA winning, including me, but a lot of people keep hating on the Bengals. They might just go all the way to the Lombardi.