When Does Discipline Go Too Far?

Zepa C., Editor

Typing up this opinion was difficult; I didn’t want to offend or make any parents or children uncomfortable. But I want to spread awareness about the topic of child abuse, so it’s going to get a little . But I hope it opens the eyes of some children and even maybe some parents.

I did a quick review of the book ‘No More Misbehavin’: 38 difficult behaviors and how to stop them’ by best-selling author and educational psychologist, Dr. Michele Borba. I found the book to be helpful and it recommended good problem-solving.

“Discipline is it’s teachable, it’s calm, it’s dignified. Abuse is the opposite of the three.”

  • Michele Borba

I want to start off this opinion my saying there is a difference between punishment and discipline. Punishment comes from an angry place, a place of aggression, and not a place of logical thinking. Whereas discipline is sent from a place of care and the want to educate a child calmly but firmly with a reasonable consequence. Most parents tend to lead toward anger, in hopes of frightening the child. They think a scared child will be a compliant child, that doesn’t sound like a good way to teach rules.

I have also come across lots of videos of parents/guardians destroying electronic devices and thinking that its going to “teach them a lesson”. No, its just going to hurt your relationship with your child. They aren’t going to respect you if you can’t respect them, it’s not that hard to comprehend.

Respect is not earned; it is a given.