Banning books in schools?

Stewart students disagree, here’s why.

There’s been a lot in the news lately about how some people are trying to ban books from school classrooms and libraries — especially books about race, gender and sexuality.

Here’s what our students at Stewart think.

“I think that they shouldn’t be banning books from school libraries because it’s not helping anything. What I mean by that is getting rid of progressive ideas slows us down. We shouldn’t have to defend our ideas on a certain subject. Not only is it attacking ideas, it’s attacking the people who own the books. I would use a criteria of what is the idea behind the book. What is the story, is it too violent, etc. I agree with Jack Petocz because people who don’t agree with L.G.B.T.Q.+ are all older people who remember the way things used to be. They refuse to get with the times because they think that it was better back then. I think that our school library does a good job of covering a lot of different topics and ideas.” 

-Gunnar C. 


“There are some books that I understand should be removed and I know some series that have been, but I think trying to remove books that are about real-life problems from public school library’s is just dumb. I think these bans on some books would affect students because they get all information that they know about these topics are learned at school and if you take that away, the younger generation won’t know these topics because there banned from there school library’s. If I was a librarian, I would have any type of book in my library and I think the kids that come in my library should know what to read and what not to read.” 

  -Mckayla P. 

“Ok, this is what I think about banned books: it depends why they’re being banned, if they are racist, homophobic, or anything bad like that I understand why they would be banned but, if you ban them because YOU’RE homophobic or racist then just don’t read it, pretend it doesn’t exist!  

You don’t need to ban something just because of your beliefs especially If it is because there are people of color; sexualities; or people that are simply different from you. It sucks that people ban books for such bad reasons, if people write bad books, then don’t let them publish them.” 

-Kye D. 


“I think that just some stupid idea without thinking of the former generation of ours, like how much wars we had before in the history, but it more stupid to ban someone work and idea. It felt like a crime to do that, and banning book about racism, anti-racism, sexuality just making those people become a hate-criminals, just psychic.” 

-Khanh B. 


“People deciding to ban books related to race, gender, and sexuality is not the greatest decision. First of all, why? I get that some people don’t like those types of books, but you can always not read them.  

“Pressing charges against the school Librarian” I don’t think that will do much and is clearly not working. These bans can also negatively affect teachers and students because there are those out there who used those books to encourage them to keep moving forward and now banning those books, is like basically saying those books don’t matter and maybe they don’t matter. People get to choose what they want to read and it’s not fair that the book they might like is going to get banned just because it’s related to race, gender, or sexuality. 

Instead of banning it, to address that a book is not proper for a reader based on their age, you can always put notes or warnings, there are many things we can do and not just ban the books in general.” 

-Yenphuong N. 


“I don’t think any book is classified as ‘inappropriate’, it’s a title given to books that a lot of people don’t agree with. So… Basically, no one can say that a book is inappropriate, there may be reasons, but not all people can agree. All books hold info, whether you admit it or not, people need to know ALL info. If no one knew what classifies a gender, then that’s everyone’s fault, because they literally are BANNING info. I argue that even if you aren’t trying to discriminate against people, it’s not okay to remove ANY books. Books are info, and info is needed to survive.” 

-Charlyn G. 


“I think schools that erase books that revolve around race and sexuality just openly admit that you are prejudice and/or against the ideas of these books. I don’t think these topics on gender and sexuality are inappropriate, some people experience different discoveries when it comes to identity. If you cut these key parts out, the kids who do experience this will start to feel or wonder if they feel this way. Depending on the age group, I think it affects kids more in the future rather than now. Because of the book banning, some of those kids that don’t have access to those books will not know how to handle their own identity issues and probably will negatively handle those issues. In my opinion, books that have vulgar language, overly sexual parts in the book, or offensive language/actions should not be accessible to children. Books that include negative stuff in it tend to affect children negatively. That is not what we need.” 

-Zepa C. 


“I feel like those people are being a bit extra and that they should not get rid of those books because it help/teaches kids about LGBTQ2+ and racism. and how it is still around idk why you would want to get rid of books that are tutoring kids about that type of stuff it does not make a lot of sense to me because I would want to make sure the kids are knowing what they are talking about in school and out of school so that they 1. do not get bullied and 2. do not offend people who are different than them and so that there are no problems all across the world.” 

-Jayvon T. 


“I personally think that they don’t need to remove all the books related to that topic but just some that might be a little confusing to younger students or they don’t really need to remove those books because they are not really inappropriate, but they could get a little educated from some of those books. I also feel like they could learn new things from those books. 

In my opinion I don’t really think that there is anything inappropriate about the books of the topics of race, gender, and sexuality. I feel like they don’t necessarily need to remove them, but I think maybe a parent or guardian of a child might not want their child to see things about that, if so, they should maybe have a thing where they have a parent approval before checking out the book. 

In my school I think they really have a lot of different topics about books related to those topics and a lot of different interesting books.” 

-Raejeny P. 


“I think books should not be banned from the library and classrooms because they are a help to our education. Books about race, gender and sexuality somewhat help our community but a lot of people often ignore these things. These books don’t make much of a difference, unlike protesting.” 

-Angelica R. 


“I honestly don’t believe any books should be banned. I do, however, believe books should only be offered to a specific age group. If a kid chooses to read a book that’s on them and if they genuinely learn something from it why would that be a problem? People are trying to get them banned because they are about controversial topics, but kids should learn about these topics. If the books aren’t doing any harm, there’s no reason to ban them. Adults want to believe so badly that if they shelter a child then they will be better protected. It’s the complete opposite though. Children are not dumb and it’s better for them to know and be educated instead of being clueless. It only makes it harder on the kid because they’re trying to learn and figure it out for themselves, but people are just finding more and more ways to restrict them. A book can be inappropriate just like a movie but I’m almost positive if they put it in a school library it’s not inappropriate. The student, Jack Petocz, is correct removing books like that are discriminatory. Our school library does everything it can to cover subjects like these. I believe it’s very important, especially if parents think these topics are inappropriate because that means the parent isn’t exactly teaching their kid about this stuff either. Not to mention the way removing these books could affect a child’s mental health if they genuinely were learning about themselves and figuring themselves out from the things they were learning.” 

-Klohi D. 


“Now unless the books are really offensive and straight up messed up, it’d be pretty pointless to ban all books. We don’t have a library for anything, and what would a school be without a library? Books that support identity and color should still stay no matter what, even if people protest that they’re unacceptable or just plain nonsense. Plus, schools do NEED books to help kids learn or pass the time. Banning books will disrupt a student’s learning and will make it way more difficult. That’s just a few of the reasons why schools have libraries, so why ban books altogether?”

-Jenny S.  

“I personally think books should not be banned. We need books to read/understand the stories that’s in the books. Unlike other books, I feel like ancient books help us understand more about the perspectives back then. Therefore, I think books should not be banned.” 

-Melita M.  


“I think banning those books is a dumb idea. These books aren’t hurting anyone, if anything they are helping kids learn about sexuality, race, and gender. I don’t think the books should be banned, I think if you have a problem with them, you should just avoid them. The only books that should be banned are ones that genuinely harm people.” 

-Victoria H. 


 “In my opinion, it’s your responsibility as a parent to have discussions with your children about topics that you may find concerning. I think that just because you don’t agree with the book topic or you don’t think your child is mature enough to read the material, that every other student shouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and research new ideas. I’m confident that adolescents need to expand their learning to new ideas Including racism, LGBTQ, religion, And other “severe” topics. Yes, sometimes I can think of instances that could make a book inappropriate. Such as, non-informative sexual content, discrimination of a certain group, or something that displays ways to hurt yourself or others. But if you have a problem with a book not consisting of those factors, you should discuss it with you child instead of making a bigger situation than it has to be with the school district.” 

-Madison G.


“I think the efforts to remove books that address race gender and sexuality from libraries, and school libraries are discriminatory, and not needed. If there was a problem with these books then they would not have been published, and/or put in libraries, especially school libraries where children would read them. I believe these bans make LGBTQ+ students feel unwanted, sad, or angry when they do not deserve to feel that way when they have done nothing but be themselves. If I was a school librarian, I would not determine these books “inappropriate”. Books I could consider inappropriate for children are books which include gore harsh violence or anything like that.” 

-Riley C. 


“No, they should not ban books. It would be good for young kids to get to know about racism gender and sexuality. I know a little bit about that kind of stuff but not a whole lot younger kids can declare their sexuality know more about racism witch racism over the past 2 years and unequally has been a problem they would know a lot about that. It would be great for younger kids and make them smarter, not knowing what is going on like a lot of people. If I were in a younger kid’s shoe, I would not want to offend people and learn about LBGTQ. That is why I would not ban the books.”

-Santana C.