With her own math struggles in mind, Ms. Housman helps her students

Be sure to ask her for her middle school cookie recipe


Raejeny P

Ms. Daneen Housman is a 7th grade math teacher here at Stewart. She was inspired to go into teaching by her 5th grade teacher, who made learning fun.

Raejeny P., Writer

Ms. Daneen Housman teaches math and also has a math intervention class. That really helps me because I’m not the best at math and if I miss something in my other math class, we will usually go over the things that we learned in the normal math class.

I feel like Ms. Housman really helps me understand math more and sometimes she calls on me to answer a question and I think that helps me participate more and feel more accomplished.

What was it like for you when you where in middle school?

Middle school was very different for me. We did not have computers. I was not a fan of middle school because the kids were so mean to each other.

Did you have any interesting stories that happened in middle school?

Yes, I had a locker partner that would steal my cookies out of my lunch every day. So, my mom and I made cookies and used salt instead of sugar. My locker partner never stole my cookies again.

What made you want to teach?

My 5th grade teacher made school fun! He always made sure that I was understanding what was being taught. He did a coupon system, which is why I now do money and tickets.

What made you want to teach math?

I struggled with math my entire life. I wanted to make sure that kids were being taught concepts that they may have missed in other classes as well as what they need to know now. I feel like I am a good math teacher since I did struggle so much.

What are some of the things you like to do in your spare time?

I love using my cricket, scrapbooking, and hanging out with my friends.

When did you start teaching?

A loooooooong time ago….1994.

What did you do before you started teaching at Stewart?

I taught at Northeast Tacoma Elementary for 28 years.