Unwanted On Valentine’s Day, Ouch!


Sarai M.

Middle school Valentine’s Day as imagined by guest artist Sarai M.

Kyle’Aundreh D., Writer

Valentines, or single awareness? 

Ah, Valentine’s Day, a day to some people that’s about love or friendship or just candy. …  To me it’s loneliness because every Valentine’s Day I’m single and have no one who likes me or asks me to be their Valentine.  

This year, like every other year I am alone, rejected but something is a little different. 

I’m in love 💔. Being in love is the absolute worst thing possible, especially when they don’t love you but you can’t do anything because you love them and I hate it because it’s not like I WANT to love them I just do! Every time I talk to them they always end up saying something that feels like a knife to the heart and inside I pour my heart out but on the outside I try to stay positive and not cry.

Every day when I’m walking through the halls of the school (or running when I’m late to a class) I see plenty of couples being adorable and I’m jealous because I’m a hopeless romantic with fantasies that will never come true.  

This year I have made the best decision for myself, and I’ve decided to not ask anyone to be my Valentine because I only want one person to be my Valentine but that won’t happen no matter how hard I wish or keep a love charm on me the whole time (there’s 100 percent one hanging from my pocket chain). I won’t get what or who I want. 

So, if you ask me how I feel about Valentine’s Day I’ll say it makes me want to cry myself to sleep.