Meet Saniyah, a student leader with a sword

A student fencer is not someone you meet every day.


Yen N.

Saniyah J., a student leader in the 7th grade, is an avid fencer, dancer, martial artist and volleyball player.

Meet 13-year-old, Saniyah J. and her interestingly busy life. And this is not the normal busy day you have occasionally; the busy we’re talking about is having the same routine, having to do fencing, Taekwondo, and dancing. Despite all that she is also a part of the student leadership here at Stewart.

One of the amazing sports she does is fencing, which is  not commonly found in students these days, especially at her age. Leadership is also an interesting thing that not a lot of people know about, we just know it exists and you tend to see people in leadership around the halls, but do you really know them?

Get to know more about the great sports that 7th-grade Saniyah does and why she chose them.

How is it like fencing? Do you sometimes get injured because of it?

Fencing is fun in many ways because like usually we don’t do practices alone, we have to have a partner to do it with because … that’s kind of how fencing works. No, I don’t have to really worry about getting injured because we get like protection.

Can you explain more on what you mean by “protection?”

Protection is like … the swords you use, they are not pointy they have foil at the end so not dangerous. And the person who does fencing has to wear this certain type of shirt where it protects you from getting hurt and you wear it like in the front and back.

Do you play any other sports?

I do. I play volleyball, I dance, and I also do Taekwondo or Karate.

Why did you choose all the sports that you do? Is there a specific reason to all the sports you choose to play?

My mom put me in dance when I was young, I used to do ballet. Then I switched to jazz, hip-hop, and then just jazz for a while. And I enjoy it, it’s actually pretty fun. For volleyball, I kind of had like inspiration and I got really good, well not really good but I got good at it. Then, for taekwondo, my dad always wanted me to do taekwondo for self-defense and then Covid hit so I was already in it, so we started up again.

You’re also in leadership, right? How is it like in leadership? Like what do you usually do?

I help around in leadership, its actually really fun. It’s not like a big family, but more like people you’re close to. Like not like friends, but like people you can go along with. It’s overall pretty fun.

How is leadership organized is there certain groups that do things or…?

Yeah, we have like different committees. We have an activity, facility, and a poster committee. In the facility you basically walk around and see if teachers need help with anything in certain hallways that we have. Then, poster committee you technically just make the posters for events or like spirit day coming up. Activity is like the “CEO of poster committee” because make the decisions or ideas and then give it to the head (ASB and principal) and they set all the dates.