Khanh B.

Student fiction: An end-of-semester call to action

February 3, 2022

I was skipping through the halls, jumping around corners and sneaking through doors. Soon, I found myself in my advisory, Ms. Calhoun’s class. I slid through the door, just in time as a song started to play.

The bell rang, and I found myself in class with 10 other students. I found my way to the corner, where my seat was, and I sat down on the stone-cold surface, which started to warm up.

“Hey y’all, let’s get started with class! First things first, no hats, hoods, or holes. [in pants]. Now, let’s check out our grades, please turn on your computer and get to Schoology…”

I tuned my teacher out as I zipped open my backpack, then I grabbed my computer and heaved it on my desk. I turned it on and snapped the buttons, guiding it to Schoology.

I checked my grades and sighed. It was a difficult first semester, due to having to switch back to in-person school. I cracked open the missing assignments and found many — ants in an ant-hill.

I clicked out and looked at the reflection on my screen, fire burning in my eyes, filled with determination.

I’ll get straight A’s next semester; I’ll make sure of it.

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