Mrs. Hathaway: From ELA teacher to principal-to-be


Klohi D.

Ms. Hathaway will make a great principal some day.

Klohi D., Writer

Mrs. Hathaway is a teacher, parent, dean, sister and soon to be principal. She has been teaching for about 17 years. She has multiple people in her family that are teachers, one of them also work at Stewart and gave me some insight on Mrs. Hathaway.

I asked Mrs. Albert, the 8th grade math teacher, how she would describe her sister to someone who has never met her. Her response: “I would describe her as an understanding person who is always willing to help.”

This alone should speak volumes for anyone. According to Mrs. Albert, “She really looks up to her little sister, Hillary, and hopes she will be more like her someday.”

A lot of us students just see teachers as teachers, but they have lives too.

What is a goal you have for yourself right now?

I am working on finishing my administrative certificate, I would like to become a principal.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

Yes, because a lot of the women in my family are teachers and I had some really good teachers growing up.

What’s your favorite part of working with kids?

My favorite thing about working with kids is every day is different.

Do you believe kids now have it harder than when you were a kid?

I believe both generations have/had it hard but in different ways.

Out of all the life you’ve lived, what’s your favorite memory?

I would have to say the days my kids were born.

How do you feel about some of the controversial things going on in the school or in general?

I think all the controversy is good because it makes us stop and think about everybody’s perspective.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

Going to Arizona with my family and staying by a pool.

Do you have a favorite person?

Yes, my grandpa Herb because he never took life too seriously.

What subject do you think is the most important?

ELA always!

Does working with kids impact your parenting?

Yes, I think I’m a better parent because I work with kids and a better teacher because I have kids.