Confessions of a skipper

Kyle’Aundreh D., Writer

I have skipped a lot because I wanted to hang out with my best friend because his parents are strict, and I never get to see him. I always skip fourth period because it’s the easiest to skip because it’s during the first lunch and I and just wander the school. During the 20-minute period break between the first lunch and second lunch I hide in the bathroom and watch YouTube or listen to music. There is always someone next to me skipping; usually it’s the same person but sometimes it’s not.  

Most of the time when I’m skipping, I sit in the lunchroom, go outside, or hang out in that little area between outside and the gym.  

Last time I skipped it was because someone stole my octopus plush, and we went to get it back from someone. Sometimes I was already running late to class, and I was just like, “Eh I guess I just won’t go.”  

It was never exceedingly difficult since there were so many kids around that I would just blend in. Sometimes I would regret it because it wasn’t worth it, and my friend would just go play volleyball instead of hanging out with me. It made me feel stupid and uncared for, sad. 

It sucks to feel abandoned and alone, but you don’t want to say anything because you don’t want to make them feel bad. I made good memories with my friends, so I don’t think I regret it that much. Sure, maybe I’m grounded, I have my phone taken away and I have after-school detention next week from 3-4:15, but I don’t regret it because I was with my friends. 

Sure, it was wrong, I get that, I get the repercussions for my actions. I knew the risks of my actions, but I did it anyway because it was worth it because it built a stronger friendship. That’s all I want or need; friends that make me happy and feel good about myself, even by making not so good decisions. 

So, yeah, I skipped and yes, I’m embarrassed by my actions. But I won’t go saying things like, “I regret it,” or not take accountability for my actions. I skipped so I could make memories and be with the people I love instead of interviewing a science teacher. I’m not embarrassed by that at all.