COVID vaccine now available for all Stewart Panthers

Students at Stewart have been steadily practicing safety precautions for the past 2 months that we have been back in school. Now, vaccines are available for all students panthers! On November 2nd the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) voted for children ages 5-11 should get the Pfizer vaccine.

This is what our peers here at Stewart think.


My opinion is that kids should get the vaccine, especially if they live with older people or go out a lot. If they don’t go anywhere then eh, but if they go out a lot to hang out with friends or something I think they should get the vaccine. I’m really happy that younger kids can finally get the vaccine but, it’s sad because some parents think the vaccine isn’t a good thing, for instance; my mom believes that we have enough anti-bodies naturally.

I know my mom won’t let my brother and sister get the vaccine, but I wish they could so they could be safer… I have the vaccine, so does my dad and, my step-mom. So I think that the younger kiddos should get the vaccine.

-Kye D

I think the age is a little low. I would put the youngest age at 10 and older, that seems like a respectable age where you can have an honest opinion and do good research. Especially now when everyone has phones, there are even little kids that probably can’t spell the word phone. For Stewart Middle, I think it would be best if everyone got vaccinated for the safety of themselves and their peers. I don’t think it should be forced upon Stewart students, it should completely be up to them and if they want to get vaccinated. I don’t think families should determine if they want their kids vaccinated unless they are too young to even know what the vaccine is and can’t comment on it. If younger kids do proper research, then they could all the way choose and determine if they want to get vaccinated or not. I don’t think Tacoma has to participate in needing vaccinations for everything, except maybe certain jobs that require lots of staff and customer interaction, like car dealerships, salons, or even Amazon warehouses.

-Zepa C

I definitely think that vaccines are great and most people should have them, but I also agree that people should not be forced to get the vaccine. Also, it’s great that younger kids can get the vaccine because the vaccine is proven effective, and if they can get the vaccine they become a lot safer. But I also understand why people might not let their children get the vaccine. they might not know the science behind the vaccine and be scared of it or….. honestly, I don’t know the vaccine is proven safe and effective and it’s kind of stupid not to get it.

-Gunnar C

I do not think younger kids should get vaccinated. I think this because what if the vaccine makes them sicker? Plus, the vaccine hasn’t even been out that long and yet everyone wants to get it. I do not think all students should be vaccinated because like I said the vaccine could make people sick or even die. I think it should be up to families and not school districts on whether or not their child gets vaccinated.

-Lilu E

Many students around the US aren’t vaccinated for COVID-19 for multiple reasons, but why? Many parents don’t want to participate in vaccinating their children for the worry that the vaccine will have side effects that cause health problems in the future. Another reason is plainly just for their political views or religious purposes. COVID-19 vaccines have now been introduced for children ages 5-11 meaning all Stewart Panthers can now receive it. On one side, I believe that it’s your body so it’s your choice to get it or not. But on the other side of things, COVID is very dangerous and now many adolescents are dying and or getting gravely ill from it. One debate I keep hearing is that students should be required to be vaccinated to come to school, and I agree. There are so many vaccines that are already required for a student to attend school so what’s the problem with one more? A lot of students at Stewart are seen not wearing their masks in busy hallways or not abiding by the 3 feet rule. There are many options for schooling for students who aren’t willing to get vaccinated, Tacoma online is one of the many. If students who aren’t vaccinated aren’t going to obey simple guidelines to keep other students safe, I feel that there are other options for them.

-Madison G

Being vaccinated is always best for protection especially during a pandemic right now, but there are some concerns I have. Though it is a crucial and urgent time right now, vaccines are coming out a lot quicker than before, so I think that thinking about it thoroughly first before deciding is a practical choice. I would recommend younger classmates to be vaccinated just for their safety right now and it is always good to have protection. But maybe not require all students to be vaccinated because some might have a weaker immune system and the vaccine might affect them negatively rather than positively. Though students are required to take other vaccines I still strongly believe that they shouldn’t be required to take the covid vaccine because as many people know the vaccines made for covid has come out a lot earlier compared to the vaccines made for other diseases, so I think it should be reasonable to be concerned about this.

-Yen N

I feel like my classmates should be vaccinated just to make sure nobody gets sick. I feel like it should be required depending on where you live and depending on the high risk. Students should be able to get vaccinated for lots of reasons. 1 reason is students should be able to feel as if they are safe and shouldn’t feel as if they are spreading. 2 reasons is although it may seem as vaccination can’t do much, it can help you and others feel safe and not catch the sickness. The last reason is students who are vaccinated can feel as if they are helping others not become sick.

-Melita M

I think that people should decide if they want the covid vaccine or not because if they do notwant the vaccine,they should not be forced to get the vaccine because people have different opinions of getting the vaccine. Some people think that the vaccine can kill you or it can damage your body permanently with covid, but I think the government should stop forcing people to get the vaccine but if they do not get the vaccine and they get covid it is their fault for not getting the vaccine. I think parents shoulddecide if children should get the vaccine or not because some people do not want the vaccine for their children because of the same reason for themselves to get the vaccine. But overall people should not be forced to get the vaccine for their reasons, beliefs, and opinions but even though I do not have the vaccine I do not want it because of my opinions.

-Max C

As a person who is vaccinated, I recommend everyone gets vaccinated. Not just for their own safety but for everyone else’s safety. I think it should be a requirement to be vaccinated in school.It should be requiredbecause, in school, not everyone keeps up their masks. I notice some people think covid is a joke and do not take it seriously as it should be. At school, it is hard to social distance most of the time,especially during the passing periods – everyone is getting close to each other and running into each other, clearly, that is not an example of social distancing.Therefore, it is best if we all get vaccinated so that way, we can continue attendingthe school in person instead of doing online. 

-Angelica R

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