Joust: A Mighty Medieval Musical!

October 28, 2021


Joust had a great, yet cringey storyline. All based off the famous legend of King Arthur, you know, that story about the orphan kid who pulled a sword out of a stone. But in this story, there is a twist. 

There are two stones, one with a sword that appears normal.  And the other with an oversized plastic straw called a boom whacker. Arthur was currently a squire for Sir Hector. Sir Hector misplaced his sword, so Arthur went back to get it but came across the two mystical stones. since he is just a teenager (who very obviously is going through puberty a little late). He chose the boom whacker. Arthur claimed the title of king, he also takes the liberty to delete swords out of the whole equation and use boom whackers instead! (What an idiot) Then the French came to attack, all they had was boom whackers. 


There were a few mistakes in the performance of this musical, like skipping for an entire scene, almost missing a song, or the lead role spraining her ankle (that’s me)! The jesters were nobody’s fool, but the king WAS A FOOL. Some kids forgot lines, but what can we expect from some eight-year-olds? 

In the end there was a sprained ankle, forgotten lines, a standing ovation, and some flowers. Let’s hope the next TMP performance I’m in won’t be such a disaster. I’ll report that in December (hopefully). 


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