The day in the life of Tomoe


Avary L.

Tomoe the cat.

Avary L

I wake up just like every morning I look around my room. It is still dark outside. I see that my owner is starting to get up, just like every morning. I slowly start to get up when BAM!! I was too tired, and I fell off my bed. Dang that hurt. BUT…. FOOD!!! I shot up and ran to my bowl.

When I was done, I waited outside the door for my owner. I had been waiting forever, I thought it would be funny to mess this her. I wanted to play, so I stuck my paw under the door scratching trying to get into the closed room. Just then the door opened, the door hit me in the face. OOOWWWWW.

I started to run down the stairs, I ran into the dogs. Oh no! I dashed straight to the piano. When I stepped on the piano keys it made me jump because of the sound that it made. I got back up to try to sit on the windowsill. I sighed wondering what to do.

Just when I heard the backdoor open, I ran towards it, but I was too late the door was shut. I was alone with the dogs “no…” I thought to myself. As I turned around one of the dogs was waiting for me. I had to get away, as best as I could, but I was trapped. I still had to try, I dashed for the door running under the male dog.

I ran into the living room and so did he, just when I thought “what if I…..”. I ran on the couch and jumped, and I mean I jumped high and higher than I very had before, I am a cat, so it had to be high. That is when I realized what was happening, I was flying “what the-” I said before falling smack!! “Ow jeez what was that ” I thought.

I am still confused about what happened just a few minutes ago. I try it again, and it works” I am flying wow!” I said “what the heck” the male dog spoke to me. We were both stunned by what had just happened. “Could you guys shut up please” the female dog said entering the room, me and the male dog stayed quit like she asked.

As if the day could not ger any crazier, the male dogs got up on the couch and grabbed the remote with his paw, the female dog got up to watch with him, “what are you guys doing?” I asked, “what we always do?” the female dog said.

That is the day I realized that this house was crazy. Everything here was crazy, could not fly before being here, I could not hear the dogs talk before being here. This was crazy all of it.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Come join us” the female dog said “oh um ok” I said I jumped up on the couch and join them.

“Wow that was a great movie!” said the male dog “yes it was,” said the female. “Oh no” I heard the female dog speak again “what?” I question “it is almost time they are coming back any second,” said the male dog. “Why does that matter?” I spoke “because they don’t know that we can do this now RUN!!!” she said as her and the male dog run to their beds. “What do I do”? I thought. Just then the door opened.

So, I just ran up the stairs to hide. As soon as I get upstairs, I hear them get home. “Hello” I hear from the boy “hi I missed you so much” I hear the women speak “Tomoe?” I heard from my owner. I ran back down the stairs to her. Me and the dogs make eye contact but say nothing.

“Wow today was crazy” I thought.