How to improve school lunches?

Gunnar and Yen

The majority of the students complain and claim that they hate school lunches, and a number of others claim to like it. What side are you on? Do you think lunches should be improved?  

School lunch has been a controversy for a long time but ask almost anyone who goes to elementary or middle school, and they will say school lunch is horrible.  

That doesn’t mean everyone hates it though, as a hardy few enjoy it.  

Here are some opinions on school lunch:  

  • “Really bad, but I eat it because I’m hungry,” said R.P.  
  • “It’s horrid,” said K.D.  
  • “Pretty good,” said Bi.  

Our numbers from our interviews are this: twelve hates, one like, and two mediums. As you can see, most of the students hate school food. 

We asked students a variety of questions, including, “Do you think that the school lunches should be improved?“ The majority said yes. 

“It’s getting better and should definitely be improved, like actual pizzas,” said J.R.  

Another few students wanted “more options for vegetarians” and “more options for food at lunch in general.” 

How else can school lunch be improved? Add your ideas in the comments.

See ya!