A Stewart population boom?


Panthers Now staff

Baby Jeff has sideburns and a stylish haircut. He’s one of the dozens of tiny plastic babies that have suddenly populated Stewart’s classrooms and hallways.

Rina H, Luis Z, and Giancarlos D

Where do babies come from?

No—not those babies!

The plastic babies that are appearing around Stewart, where did they start coming from?

One student said she found her baby from the floor; other students got their babies from someone passing them out in second lunch. Some steal them, some throw them around.

What is the appeal of these little plastic babies?

They are cute and delightful tiny babies, who wouldn’t love them? But I do wish they had diapers instead of being butt-naked. The colorful babies are the funniest, I have a yellow one and my friend has a blue one!

Or—some of us are simply weird and like to collect a huge bag of babies from Amazon. But please, don’t try to eat your babies!

Let us see what other students have to say about these babies.

“Their mere existence is a waste of plastic,” said Gunnar C.

Giancarlos D. said, “I think they’re useless and weird.”


Klohi D. said, “They need to be kicked and I think I threw mine out the window.”

“I lost mine” said Tony C. He misses it, so sad. …

Where can I find these plastic babies?

These tiny babies are traditionally used in King Cakes during Mardi Gras, a big party every year in New Orleans. People also buy them for baby showers.

You can go on Amazon to buy 300-piece plastic babies for $15. I’m not sure why you would need that many babies for school, but you do you.

If you can’t order them from online, there are also bags of plastic babies in the arts and craft section of your local store.