Don’t let the floodlights fool you

My experience Auditioning, Youth acting suggestions.


Matthew Deuser

The author, back row right, in the cast of the Tacoma Musical Playhouse production of Xanadu 2021.

Kyle’Aundreh D., Writer

So, the things I’ve learned from my four to five years of acting experience is that you have to act confidently but not too confident during an audition, because no one likes an overconfident actor who thinks they’re better than everyone else. 

It’s better to audition for smaller roles at first so you can get the experience. I’ve auditioned for lots of lead roles and just got my first lead role a few weeks ago after FOUR years. I’ve gotten my hopes up every time (except this time) so if you can’t handle not getting what you want, then get an easier role.  

When you’re auditioning and you get to choose the song you’re doing, you should choose something easy but impressive, maybe something you know you’re good at because if you choose something difficult and you mess up you probably won’t get the role you want. 

I’ve been going to a camp called Tacoma Musical Playhouse for four years and I’ve made friends there and have had great experiences. They have after school camps and homeschool camps every year during the summer for kids all the way from 1st graders to high schoolers. Even though I haven’t gotten roles I wanted every time it’s always been worth it.  

There’s also the TlT (Tacoma Little Theatre). At TMP (Tacoma Musical Playhouse) when you audition there’s not much reason to be nervous because when you do the paid programs, you’re guaranteed a role. 

During auditions it’s good to talk to other actors. Make friends! Or just check out the competition… 

I don’t really make friends till the cast list is up, but you do you! I’m a pretty competitive person but if you just want to make friends with other actors go ahead!