Feather’s eras of loneliness

First-person pets


Charylyn G

I am Feathers the cat. Admire me, you must.

Charlyn G, Writer

Editor’s note: First-person pets is a regular feature in which we imagine life as experienced by our critters.

“Flubs!” My human seems excited, I don’t know why though? 

“Mrow?” I question my human; she pets me and hangs something on her back. hello I’m Feather! I’m a fat gray cat. Anyway, my human walks out of her room and I follow as I stretch my legs. She speeds up the stairs and races me to the top, but I won, obviously. 

“Mew!” I hear my nemesis Willson buttering up my human. I spread out my paws, lower my butt, and expand my claws. Then, I pounce.  

“MROw!!!” shouting spreads through the room, well, more like angry screams. 

“Mom! I charged my laptop, and you packed my lunch and water, right!?”  

I look up and am quickly taken over again by Willson, but I just push him back as I look at my human. 

 “Yeah! They’re all in your backpack! Get your mask and shoes on!” Another human quickly shouts back at my human. 


My human then goes to the mask box, flips it onto her face and slides down the stairs with her backpack to get her shoes.  

“Meow!!” I exclaim, where’s my human going!? I ran down the stairs in time to see my human being taken away by a yellow banana. “MEOWWWWW!!!!!” I cry as I scratch at the door. 

Thousands of eras later, my human finally returns, then it repeats the next day.