Stewart students’ opinions on Instagram Kids

Stewart students’ opinions on Instagram Kids 


Mark Zuckerberg has once again stunned the internet with his Instagram Kids project.

Instagram. For. Younger kids.  


To say people were not pleased was an understatement. Instagram can create bad experiences for teens and sometimes adults. Imagine what would happen to these small kids who have no idea what is going on or have no idea how to use it. This idea puts a lot of stress and worry on parents, which is understandable. Social platforms can be a scary place, especially for little kids. Luckily, the project has been stopped and put under review by Zuckerberg. Let’s just hope that he reads Panther News responses. 


And if he doesn’t, you can. 


“I think Instagram for kids is a horrible idea. Kids under the age of 13 can just lie about their age to create their own account. It makes little to no difference anyways, I also don’t think having a kid’s version of Instagram would be a great idea since studies have shown that social media can be bad for your mental health, and can also lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. Facebook made a good decision for once to halt development of the app, as I think it’d be making things worse rather than better. Personally, if I were Mark Zuckerberg, I just wouldn’t have even thought about it, but instead I’d focus on regulating Instagram’s age restrictions more, and fix bigger problems on the app, like child groomers, or bots promoting inappropriate content. I also think there should be more restrictions on those under 18. For example, an option to mark your account as 18+. “
– Tony C

“I believe Facebook made a wrong decision developing the Instagram kids’ app because it is pointless. if a kid younger than 13 wants to make an Instagram account, they would just lie about their age on the normal Instagram app, and if parents download the Instagram kids’ app on a device their child uses because they do not want their child to use the normal Instagram, they should not waste their time and either let the child have normal Instagram or not have an Instagram app in the first place, it solves the whole problem. Also, if I oversaw making Instagram, I would let people under 13 be able to make an account, but depending on how old you are, more content will be removed from that person’s app so that they do not or cannot see inappropriate content.”
– Riley C

“No. There should have never been a social media for kids, maybe only a few things like YouTube should allow it. But I agree whole heartedly that there should NEVER be a social media for kids, because it’s addictive, it has bullies, it even has shaming. People could commit suicide from bullying, this isn’t a simple matter. I’m not surprised that social media can have harmful effects, as I have experienced this before I am not surprised that Facebook and Instagram related apps have these problems. Many times, have people shamed me for making a simple mistake, even on Minecraft. I will warn you that there are many dangerous platforms of which you shouldn’t interact with for a while. The main one being discord, sadly, I can’t back away from its clutches, but I can be more careful.”
– Charlyn G

“I think Facebook made the right decision when it comes to halting Instagram Kids. I feel like most 13-year-old who have access to a phone have a phone, so chances are they have Instagram or other social media platforms. Think about it, all you must do is change your birth year when logging into these platforms, it’s too easy. As much as I love my socials, I’ve come across ads or posts under the Instagram explore page that I wouldn’t want my younger brother seeing. It’s too risky and honestly, I think it opens creep central on innocent minors who just want to explore the app and interact with friends or family. I’m not surprised with the fact that social platforms are bringing down mental health. There are tons and tons of famous people who are eyed as the expectation or the blueprint, it doesn’t make anyone feel good when they see that their body or way of living goes against what people are saying are right (by no means is this the influencers’ fault). Luckily for me I have not been a victim of body shaming or hateful comments, but I won’t lie and say that I’m not scared to post pictures of myself. Social media has it’s pros and cons.
– Zepa C

“In my opinion I think that Facebook did do the right decision by halting the development on Instagram kids because they clearly knew that the Instagram was not helping kids learn anything but rather harm their mental health. But still they are thinking to make one for kids? I wasn’t so shocked when they said that Instagram was harming teenager’s mental health because social media can be a bad influence to some people but on the other side it can also help them, though it is mostly the other way around right now. Healthy social media for me is like, people getting to share what they want to share without getting criticized and being able to choose if they would want to watch or read a certain type of content or not, and being able to protect ourselves when being harassed or bullied” online.  
Yen N 

“I absolutely agree with the mass decision to halt Facebook/Instagram kids. I’ve noticed that the minority of Facebook users are older generations, so I feel that not a lot of children would have the need to use the app. however lots of adolescents use Instagram so I would feel the concern for parents with younger children who want to use the social media platform. As someone who has been using Instagram for several years now, I will wholeheartedly agree that it is harmful in certain ways. I fear that a child will see someone with an unrealistic body type and will try to achieve it. Beauty standers have been around for many decades and the unachievable standers are getting more and more complicated. I feel that children don’t need to be exposed to social media at such a young age. Sometimes kids need to still be kids while they still can. I also feel that it’s a parent’s job to set boundaries with their children and help them understand that they should not have to feel pressured to be in any sort of “beauty standards” that social media has to offer.”
– Madison G

“I don’t think kids under 13 need much social media, it might affect them badly it can affect the ways you see yourself so much, children shouldn’t have to be worrying about how many followers they have and how many likes they get or why don’t they look like the Instagram models. People on social media can be mean and will comment on everything about you, there is also a lot of weird adults who will pretend to be a kids age to talk to them and it can be very hard to tell the difference so being a kid on social media can be very risky. I think Instagram for kids is just a bad idea because kids can easily lie about their age to get on the real Instagram and the rude people can also get it just to target little kids and make fun of them, but in general kids under 13 shouldn’t have social media in my opinion.”

– Trizure A


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