Why You Should Try Spam Musubi

Need an easy Hawaiian snack?

I would recommend everyone to try a Spam Musubi. 

Spam Musubis are one of my favorite foods and are a very popular Hawaiian snack. This snack is usually composed of a small brick shaped block of sticky rice, spam grilled with a sauce is placed on top and some have teriyaki on the spam. The rice and spam is then wrapped around with seaweed to hold. They are fairly easy to make and are a little bit more difficult than making a grilled cheese if you’re used to making them. It can be found in almost every Hawaiian restaurant or store and obviously Hawaii. 

The appearance is similar to sushi and sushi is also one of my favorite foods. Spam Musubis can also be wrapped up in plastic and stored for later. They are one of the numerous foods that are still tasty when cold, so it is convenient to have one on you for snack purposes. I think that people should try to make one or at least taste it because they are delicious, easy to make, and convenient. I wouldn’t really recommend a spam musubi as a meal but only as a side or snack. 

I cannot remember the first time I had one, but my dad used to make them for snacks. I told my grandma (my mom’s side) about it and she tried one and loved it. Now she makes them once a week at least for me and we would have them available all week.