Cohort. Nothing of the Sort!

With second semester rolling in we get new assignments, new guidelines, and more peculiarly new, vocabulary? Cohort. Cohort. Cohort. No matter how you say it, it’s a funny word. Cohort has many meanings; Group, following, and my personal favorite: an ancient roman battle unit. I think the school district was going for more of the group side, but it’s fun to think that students and teachers are all soldiers. Going into battle to fight COVID-19 on a journey for better learning and education. Though, like an army, we’ll be split into two groups: those that hold off fort (in our houses) or go straight into battle at school. To be honest, that sucks, but let’s put on our armor, or better yet our masks, and head right into battle. Now here’s what the Panthers Now crew had to say about this.


We use the word “cohort” because the definition is a group of people banded together or treated as a group so I think we should use it is because it’s like a more educated word and it has the meaning group, but more, and if kids didn’t know the word, they should know it means a group of people. For example, a Cohort of people showed up at a restaurant, or a cohort 1 and cohort 2 meet up on different days, so like I said, the word cohort is really not a hard word to read.

-Randall S.

The Cohort meaning is a group of people banded together or treated as a group. We could use that word. it doesn’t seem to have a very important meaning; I don’t want to be using a word that has a really important meaning to a race or a culture. But the class could always come up with more words, Google didn’t seem to have any other meaning attached to this word. But I like it. As a school, Stewart is one big cohort. We are all treated the same (good) nobody is treated differently by the teachers, and it’s a really good environment.

-Jerlean G.

Squad, Team, Group, Troop, Company, and Crew are some examples of the word “cohort”. I am not a big fan of the word “cohort” because it seems kind of janky and there are better words to use. Maybe a different word like the word “troop”. I don’t like the idea of dividing us into cohorts because it’s complicated and it would be more fun if all of us can go back together so the sixth graders know the 7th/8th graders and so we know them. What should have happened, is at the beginning of the school year all students with the last name A-L should go, then after that M-Z. So, it’s cohorts but it’s better!

-Aniyah W.

A cohort is a group of people supporting with a similar objective. As a reference, as we are transitioning back into school, we will go in 2 cohorts. A and B. We are all going to school for a specific reason. As a group, you are supporting the same thing or person. More synonyms are category, a class, or division of people or things regarded as having shared characteristics. Cohort is a noun and a plural noun for cohort is cohorts. Cohort does have similar meanings to group, division, section, and classification. Being divided into 2 cohorts is an innovative idea of having half of the students in the school while having the other half online for the day.

-Jordyn W.

“A ‘cohort’ is a group of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree together. Cohortians are the individual members of such a group. In a cohort,

there is an expectation of richness to the learning process due to the multiple perspectives offered by the students.” (published by Wikipedia). I think the word cohort is the main word people use, because the word cohort is more sophisticated than squad or unit. Synonyms: unit, outfit, force, army, group, corps, division, sidekick, follower, squad, troop, band, crew, patrol, etc.

-Gabrielle M.

The word cohort means a group of people banded together or treated as a group. I think we should use the word because we could teach little kids what it means.

-Raymond H.

Cohort is used to sound more sophisticated. This is a good thing. The good thing is that it will expand all students’ vocabulary. It is also not a discriminating word because it is talking about everybody, and not like the word “guys” when talking about a group. The definition of cohort is a group of people banded together. Cohort rhymes with port which could be by a fort, and in that fort there could be a short cohort.

-Jonathan R.

The definition of cohort is a group of people banded together or treated as a group. some synonyms of cohort are unit, force, division, and group. It’s safer for us to be in cohorts when we go back in person because if we all went back without them, being in such big groups is risky right now with covid.

-Korinne S.

A Cohort is a big group of individuals. What I think about the word cohort is it’s a very odd word, I’ve never heard of it until today, nor did I know the definition of the word until today. The synonyms I prefer if I was talking about our school would be army, group, section, crew, squad, and band, because we are a big cohort.

-Emilie B.

Cohort. Such a weird word. Why does it sound so aggressive and cantankerous? If such a word was ever said to me, I’d have to say sorry. Why is a word like that being used for our new schedule? Oh my gosh, how rude! Why don’t we use words like unit, group, batch, category, bunch, cluster, pack, squad, and sections. Those are much less confusing. And why do we need Cohorts anyway? I like the idea of being in a class with all of the people I’ve been with for the first semester. Splitting into groups doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. I don’t know, just something about that word makes me a little hesitant. But I guess there are some positives. Maybe we can change the name? I prefer squad, that sounds hip and fun. Or what about group, always a safe bet! Sections is a good one as well, I like it. Honestly anything’s better than Cohort, yuck. But I’m sure even though our new schedule calls for a divide, we can unite into one bit squad. Not cohort.

-Kaydence P.

Cohort basically just means a group. I was looking around, trying to find the difference between cohort and group, but all the definitions were pretty much the same: a number of things being

put into a certain classification because of having something in common. I don’t see why they wanted to use cohort instead of group, I guess other than the fact that cohort sounds a little smarter and better than group does. Now about us being split into two cohorts, I don’t really have an opinion about it. Aren’t we basically already in cohorts? We are split in A-L and M-Z. The only difference would be that you wouldn’t see as many people as before, because only half the school would be there.

-Paige P.

The one topic that everyone is asking about is “cohort”. You might ask, “What’s a cohort?” It’s the fancy way to say “group” or “crew” or etc. Ok, then why do we use that instead of group or section? I think it’s because they want to be fancy with their word selection. This word isn’t as interesting and it’s a mystery why they chose this word. I mean if they wanted a fancy word, they could have chosen something like “division”, or “squad”. It would have been cool for them to say for example “division 1 and 2” or “Squad 1 and 2.”

-Alexander S.

The meaning of cohort is a group of people that come together, like a group that shares common characteristics and treated as a group. Or an example: “We have company coming over for dinner tonight, make sure you behave”. Or “There is an army of people”. I think that it’s a good idea so that everyone can socialize together and get to know about what people do like and don’t like to do. Also, it’s easier to learn with less people because its calmer and quieter and more 1 on 1 time with their teacher. Another synonym word for cohort is section.

-Monae W.

Cohort means a group of people banded together or treated as a group. Some synonyms for the word cohort are squad, unit, and detail. I think cohort is a complicated word and they could’ve used a different word to describe us. However, it is just a word.

-Shyla J.

Cohort- what is cohort? Cohort means people banded together or treated as a group. Cohort sounds cooler than group and when you say it, you sound like you are mature. Seen as we’re going to divide into each cohort, why don’t we use that word instead of group A or group B. Cohort is for people using teamwork to complete a project. Cohort is a group of subjects who share a defining character. Most people in the military get divided into a cohort.

-Huy N.

The word “cohort” basically just means “group of people”, but the dictionary definition says, “A group of people banded together or treated as a group”. I think they should have just used group… Cohort is a weird sounding word and is rarely used but it’s good to use words that people don’t use often.

-Kalei T.