Rolling the Dice on Middle School Advice

The shift from 5th to 6th grade was supposed to be a world-breaking, earth-shattering change, but to me (and a lot of other students) was anticlimactic. Most of 6th grade was a big blur: classes, clubs, smelly P.E., annoying children littering the halls screeching at the smallest bit of gossip, and assorted, middle school relationships. Being in the middle of that is a lot. I can say I have my set of embarrassing stories and things I wish never happened, but we’ll leave that to the Panthers now team to try to help you avoid that, that is if you want to hear us out… What suggestions and advice do our past 6th graders and soon high schoolers have to gives?


Hello! I just wanted to say for incoming 6th graders, that not everyone has to like you. I had a tough time trying to fit in but take it from me, as someone who thought being cool was a fit in thing please do notOne thing I wish I told myself was that not to care what you looked like and to keep your friend group small, unless you want to keep it big then go for it! For me I had a challenging time with that in general. Also, Jordyn do not act all stressed for some small assignments I promise you your just dramatic. And do not try to get into people’s drama it is not your business, and it is not your place to step in. Do not do that. My secret to myself is that I kept my friend group private and small to work on my grades. If I had more friends, my grade would drop so I am glad I did that! Also keep your head up high. It is not the end of the world if someone insults you. 

-Jordyn W.


All right to my incoming 6th graders I suggest listening and paying attention. for the 6th grade reason 6th grade is one of the grades you must listen and pay attention too! Just because 7th  is going to be challenging and hard if u do not understand what ur learning about, plus u Gotta be ready for 8th grade too. Also do ur homework because it helps a lot and btw do not be weird and try not to clown like I did and it’s okay to be smart There’s nothing wrong with learning new things. Remember if you do not understand its ok to ask Questions always ask questions that is why the teachers are there for you. Thank you for listening.

-Randall S.


Do whatever you can to survive this place.

-Kalei T.


I wish something when I was a 6th grader that no matter what I that am not cool and my advice for 6th grader is that nothing you do will make you cool and do your homework and don’t skip class. If anyone bully just tell the teacher or an adult and respect adult and your teacher and if you have no friends, try to make some friend. Do not cheat during a test be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice to you back. At the end of the day just remember that “I am a 6th grader and nothing I do will make me cool and I should just go home and do my homework.”

-Huy N.


One thing that I would have done when I was in the 6th grade would have been to not think your so grown up because you’re only in the 6th grade and I’m not saying that your not old but don’t change your style just because kids don’t look the same or act the same as you or if other kids are acting so, grown up that, doesn’t mean you should too but don’t act childish or act like something your not. There isn’t a secret to success in middle school I feel like middle school is just an awkward time in your life where your still a kid but adults want you to act more mature and adult like.

-Gabrielle M.


Something I wish I would’ve Known as a sixth grader is that there’s no need to stress yourself out. take your time with your assignments and don’t let other people influence you into doing things you don’t want to. Make sure you have fun too, not everything needs to be serious. Don’t be afraid of older students, they aren’t worried about you so no need to be anxious. The secret to success in middle school is time management. I was told this as a sixth grader but I ignored it like most students. When I say time management I do not mean putting all your work before your free time. Space everything out so you don’t have a bunch of work to do by the end of the semester/due dates. Try to avoid late work, it’s much more rewarding to turn things in on time and not have things to worry about when you get home. The more free time the better. Don’t insult your teachers. I know everyone says that but I swear it’s true, When you are nice and create strong bonds with your teachers it makes school a lot easier.

-Korinne S.


What I wish I could have known when I was a sixth grader was more better at getting what I got to do done on time. My secret to middle school is do what I have to do on time and do a little extra credit while I’m at it. And stay away from the bullies and protect the sixth graders and then make some friends, once I got my grades handled and do some sports. Then mess around with my friends when I have my grades up to A’s and B’s. Make sure you are not a jerk or a bully.

-Raymond H.


The one thing I wish I knew when I was going into 6th grade is to not be stressed. At the beginning, I honestly didn’t do so well in school because of the new experience. You might even struggle too, it happens to everyone when they begin something new. But, as the year goes on, you might even notice an improvement academically or as a person. The way how I succeeded in middle school overall is that I do the work, listen to teachers, and listen to others too. Make sure to do your homework too. If you do these things, when you get to 7th and 8th grade, it won’t be as challenging.

-Alexander S.


Welcome, 6th graders! As an 8th grader, I have had a lot of experience at Stewart, so here is some advice I have. First, just know, it’s middle school. Everyone is new to it and trying to act cool, but most of them are just immature pre-teens. So, don’t take anything personally. Most of the time, it will just be kids goofing off and playing around, trying to look cool in front of their friends. You shouldn’t immediately try to fit in with the popular crowd. Just be yourself, and find a good friend or two that you can really count on. Another thing you should try to do is to get to know your teachers. Try to understand what they expect from you, what they like, what they don’t like, and try not to get on their bad side, it will just make school more stressful for you. If you have a good impression and a good relationship with your teachers and students, I can guarantee you that school will be a much better experience.

-Paige P.


Wow, I can’t even believe I’m in 8th grade. That’s crazy. I know everyone says middle school goes by fast, but I of course, never listened. The 6th graders reading this will also probably not listen, but it’s okay. This advice is for anyone that might need some guidance, and I know that’s not everybody. So, here’s my expert advice.

If your 5th grade experience was anything like mine, we spent months preparing the “middle school notes format”. Cornell notes, how could I forget. We prepared months for this crazy new way of notes, it was supposed to look more mature and middle school like. We’ve barely used this format. And all the hype for this new school with new people really only last for about a month at most. Once you get there you’ll be introduced, meet new people, get lost on the way to your classes, hear about some spicy new drama, sit in circles and share with your class, and then you’ll feel the pressure from your teachers. “You guys have been here for two months, you know better!” That’s my personal favorite. But to sum it up, middle school really isn’t a huge deal. Don’t stress about it, it’s just a different school with new people that you’ll get to know eventually. Everyone’s in the same boat as you, everyone’s as insecure or scared as you, you’re not the only one. You’re definitely going to be playfully made fun of by the older grades, try not to take it to heart. You’ll understand when you’re in their position.

So, that’s my expert advice take it or leave it. You should really take it though.

-Kaydence P.


Hi! My advice for the incoming 6th graders, you should take your time and participate in every class so you can stay on track in your classes, also try not to give your teachers a hard time: if they really make you upset ask for a break because I know how that feels when it feels like your teacher isn’t listening to you and just try not to yell or scream. When I was in 5th grade, I would want someone to tell me how cool the classes are so that’s why I’m telling you. My secret success in 6th grade is don’t get to stressed over your grade because it’s going to make you think that you can’t do anything so just motivate yourself.  

-Monae W.


Something I wish I was told in 6th grade is that you might lose yourself trying to please everyone around you. You make friends and also lose them. None of them are forever. Don’t be friends with the popular kids, be friends with the kids who are your real friends. Focus on school and not what other people are doing. Being nice gets you far but never ever let someone take advantage of that. Just be you and not the person people want you to be. And if your getting bullied just remember that person isn’t gonna affect your like in 5 years. So yeah, and please please please always respect your teachers.

-Isabelle T.


Hi new 6th graders, I was in 6th grade last year and it was hard! Take some advice, be yourself, don’t worry about dating because it’s just not cool at all, focus on your classes, there is no need to be popular because it isn’t going to mean anything when your older, don’t skip classes, and don’t be rude. I  wish I knew that your not going to make friends right away and that’s okay because there is always opportunities, so join a club or sports. The best way to be popular is to do homework, and get good grades. Please don’t be immature, be mature but don’t act to grown. Some 7th or 8th graders might think your annoying but that’s okay because they were the same way. I worked hard, and tried my best. You think your not going to make because it’s hard and that’s okay, you also might hate it but the thing is it’s a part of growing up and your parents probably felt the same way at your age. Remember that you are going to make and you got this! Just try your best 🙂

-Aniyah W.


Make sure to get your work done when its first assigned. Playing catch up is not fun nor is it easy, but if you notice that you’re struggling go to your counselor and ask for help, tell them your struggling. It’s good to do check in with your counselor. In class it’s good to have sharpened pencils before each class. At lunch it’s good to take your time so you’re not hungry afterwards. In between class periods that doesn’t mean you have time to goof off because then you will have to run to your class. If you’re gonna talk, make sure you’re at that class periods door.

-Jerlean G.


Hey incoming 6th graders, honestly you just want to pay attention and don’t slack off, yes it’s ok to have fun with your friends sometimes but you really want to pay attention to the information you are learning now because it will be a lot harder later and most definitely will be brought up in your future, it might not be brought up as much but it’s still important to pay attention and be on top of it. Secondsurround yourself with a small group of friends because a big group of friends will lead to a bunch of drama. Also, not everyone will like you and they will talk about you but you just got to ignore them and move on because they just want attention. Don’t try to fit in with people who talk down on you, there is so much better people in the school to be friends with. Last, walk around the school with a bratty attitude or acting like you own the school or the people there because honestly no one likes people like that, and it will be hard to find friends! 

-Emilie B.


My advice for incoming 6th graders is to not try really hard to fit in just do what you like and you will meet some really nice people who you might have a lot of similarities with. Also, stay on top of all your work because it can really pile up. And focus on school not popularity.

-Jonathan R.


I would only make a small friend group then get to know your teachers find out the schedule quick, try the nacho’s. I liked six grade but the grades get harder and you have to be able to adapt to change quick, the fun part is the elective take advantage of them they are easy A’s. One thing to know it might not or will be hard but keep your binder, so keep your eyes on it and your notebook. Also, anything you need to get done use lunch or when everyone is out on break.

-Damien B.