Second Semester Scramble


This is our new schedule. What do you think?

Brooke R.

So, big spoiler, second semester is coming soon. That means a fresh start, a new schedule and the thought of possibly going back in person. What does that mean? Well what about the people in our lives at risk? Or the cost? Or what about transportation?

We asked the Panthers Now Personnel to weigh in, let’s see what they think about Second Semester:

My thoughts on the new schedule is that it’s confusing. Some people may forget that they are in group A or B and go to school when they are not supposed too. Also, if or when we go back to school everyone is only going to have 3 classes a day instead of the normal 6, they are going to be 1 hour and 20 minutes, and for some people that is a l-o-n-g time, they might even get bored and unfocused. I feel that everyone should wait until the next school year to be safer. Let’s not forget going back to school can cause more cases of Covid-19.
–Gabrielle M.

I am confused onto how this is going to work. This schedule is confusing and may be difficult to be understood by other students with Cohort A and B you are switching back and forth and many will find it exhausting. Along with the schedule, families may find it hard to be switching from online to in person. Balancing out work and other essential chores. Although I would love to go back to school, I may be putting myself and others at risk. Mostly people are pumped to go back to school because we get to see our friends and meet our teachers. But I would highly doubt that you would have enough time to see them. But my question is what effect does this do to the district? What does this get us to? Going back to school in person can put us at risk. Also, in the article they state, “Small groups of students who are in the afternoon in-person cohort can potentially come to the building in the morning for small group support.” What if you haven siblings that get split up due to the different cohorts that can really damage peoples schedules and get them mixed up.
–Jordyn W.

I’m giving the new schedule a 6/10. I like how we get to go in person and see all our teachers in 2 days however, I don’t like that you have the same periods (ex: 1,2,3 and home then 1,2,3 in person). I can see why they did it because of lunch time and everyone must be safe. Couldn’t they have done something like 4,5,6 periods at home and 1,2,3 periods in person and the next day rotate?
My thoughts about in person learning is the risk. The first risk would be transportation. Suppose someone had to take the bus, many kids would be on that bus and that’s already increasing the risk. 2nd risk would in school itself. Half the kids coming to school is already a lot. The hallways would be crowded anyways. School could be safe as well because when you’re in a class, you will be sitting by yourself. Less interactions with decreases the risk too.
–Alexander S.

When I first saw the schedule, I was confused to say the least. The cohorts, times, and small details were popping up everywhere and even with all that information I was still unsure. A few days later, teachers briefly went over the schedule and I’d like to say that I understood more, but of course, I did not. The simple thought of returning to school makes me anxious, it’s hard to think about the positives of in-person learning when the positives are taken away. No close friend interaction, no pizza prizes, no post-lunch drama, and no fun. Just regular old school. Of course, when learning from home I don’t see friends, but being able to wake up later makes up for the loneliness. Are we even sure the new precautions will prevent the virus? Why not stay with remote learning? How will teachers enforce COVID-19 guidelines and rules? All of this wondering makes me worried, but at the same time, I’d like to at least walk in the 8th grade hallways before I’m off to high school.
–Kaydence P.

My thoughts about the next schedule is that it will be weird. We have been remote learning for so long and it’s going to be weird when we go back to school and if we do, we must wear masks. I’m excited about going back to school in person, I get to see most of my friends and I get to hangout with them. I’m also a little upset, we have to social distance, and even at lunch. It is not fun when I’m at lunch and I can’t even sit anywhere near my friends.
–Huy N.

In my thinking about the new schedule, I have to say that it is very confusing. I know that normally I am very forgetful, but during these times? It is gonna be very stressful to remember my groups and to add on to that, we have way longer classes and only 3 periods a day. In addition to the new schedule, we have a chance to go back in person. Luckily, we get to see our teachers and maybe interact with other students but I feel like people and including me are gonna be more drained from school. Also, I feel like it is a very big risk for us to go back in person. COVID cases already very high and if they continue to be like this more people are gonna get sick. It is honestly very scary knowing that we are contributing to people being more sick if we go back in person.
–Alex W.

My thoughts on the new semester break schedule. honestly I think its going to be weird because like you’re going to be online for 30 min then go to school after. but I mean its alright I guess but if we do go back to school they should let us wear what ever we want like for real. but hopefully it ends up happening though cause online school is so boring lol but yea that’s my opinion on the semester schedule thing and yea
–Randall S.

When I saw the schedule I was stressed because I didn’t understand it and other students did so that made me feel like…. I’m not going to make it in semester 2. I have never did anything that’s a schedule that’s like A and B. I wish there was a different schedule that was easier to understand. I don’t think the schedule is beneficial because we need more sleep and the going to school early is stressful because I get mad at myself if I don’t get 10+ hours of sleep! My thoughts on returning back to school are like a 50/50 because I don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad. And they are also sending us back to school in March sometime when the spring flu starts so I don’t know what to think and how are we suppose to stay six feet? Honestly I think we should wait till next school year to go back to school because they still need to take a longer period of time to work on the vaccine and the rules for school.
–Aniyah W.

I have a lot of confused feelings towards the new schedule. I don’t understand the 30-minute remote meeting in the morning, why is it remote? Why can’t we just have that 30 minutes in person? I’m concerned that I won’t be able to get to school on time and back home after such a short amount of time, because we will only be in person for an hour? I want to go back to in person school because I miss the social interaction but I feel like I’ll barely have any interaction at all anyways. School is really stressful for me right now because two of my classes will be transferred onto my high school transcript. My main wonder is will being in person make things more or less stressful?
–Korinne S.

First, don’t ask why I’m up so late.
I think the new schedule is weird. It’s just gonna be hard to get used to. I don’t think we should even go back. Like yes, it would be nice to go and see the building one last time, but we would only go back for like 3 months. I just don’t think it’s necessary. We are all used to this whole online school thing, and we don’t need to learn a whole new schedule that would be for only 3 months. Plus, Covid-19 isn’t done yet. We shouldn’t go back until it is completely safe.
–Paige P.

I think that the new schedule is going to take off some of that stress we get from having six classes back-to-back in one school day and I personally think it’s better than the schedule we had before. I just feel like we have to get used to the new schedule and adjust to it because we have to face the fact that our life isn’t going to go back to normal, this is our life now and that’s something we can’t change. I’ve gotten so used to doing school online that the thought of in-person school doesn’t excite me because if we do go back it’s like we have to start all over again.
–Alexia L.

The new schedule seems kind of difficult. It seems like a big change, but we got used to the first switch we got to get use to this one too. That 30 minute to a hour thing I never really got that part ,but over all I guess it’s a good idea or they wouldn’t have set it in place. I don’t like the idea of returning in person because we could forget the social distance rule, hug and stuff; it’s just kind of dangerous over all. I’m sure not all the kids will be there all at once and kids can tend to do what ever they want and not always listen, but because we are older and understand the importance of this virus I’m hoping this will not be like if the teacher goes away and we get a sub teacher and cannot behave.
–Jerlean G.

The sun is shining, advisory’s chirping and we’re chit-chatting about random things, that is until someone mentions second semester. Like a punch to the gut, “Here’s a link to the new schedule!” My first thoughts were things along the line of, what the heck!? Is this in Alien?! Once I got the chance to look at it and really figure out what the week would look like, it was still stupid. I mean good luck. What do you do in the case of walking the wrong way, or wrong class? Wouldn’t hallways still be overcrowded? Do we get to talk to our friends? What about bussing or travel? I looked back down at the foreign paper. “Travel time will be form 9:50ish to 11:15ish.” Then that got me thinking… What about actually going back? Sitting in a classroom, on isolated islands, while a teacher drones on. Huh. It won’t be safe.
In-person learning, sounds like a quiet kid responding to a question, totally unexpected. Sure, you could say that masks and cleaning supplies can fight off Covid-19 like garlic to vampires, but that seems like fantasy. Studies show that schools are the hot-spot for spreading the Flu, so why not Covid-19? I have close friends and family (as many of us do) that would almost surely die, or get hospitalized if they catch the rapid-spreading virus. I have already lost one family member, I would feel horrid to cause the death of another. You say you can protect everyone and it would be safe (given the correct guidelines), but is it worth the risk to lose the ones you love, just to say hello to friends in the hall? Or to be in-person? Would you risk the lives of others, just so you can be a bit happier? Learn a bit easier? Go to school in what seems a foreign environment?
Next time you complain about online learning, just think about what you are giving others. A chance to live.
–Brooke R.

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