Oh No! What About Snow?


Panthers Now staff

Snow blankets Stewart’s front parking lot in this view from a classroom window in February 2019. What if we get a big snowfall now, while we’re in remote learning?

If you’ve peeked at the weather forecast for this coming weekend, you probably noticed that they’re calling for the S-word – yep, snow.

Not much, but snow, just the same, according to the National Weather Service.

Which got us to thinking, if there was a big dump of snow, would we still get days off even though we’re in remote learning?

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the Panthers Now staff has a long list of reasons to say yes to that question.


Yes! Take the day off…

We should take a snow day because we could focus on the snow falling and make snow angels and snowmen and have an epic snowball fight.

Yes, unless people do have Wi-Fi problems and they cannot do much about it. Also, it gives people a break from school and they can relax! But, if Kindergarteners go to school now and it’s snowing, do they get snow days? A social distance snowball fight sounds cool, even though some parents won’t let their kids out. 🙁

I think we should have snow days off because some teachers drive, and teach their students at the school building, they might not have WIFI at home, and if some teachers can’t teach then it would be better to just have the day off instead of having multiple asynchronous assignments.

Yes, snow can cause power outages or flooding when the snow melts.

Yes, because we want to go outside and also, we are just lazy and don’t want to do school.

Yes, if a lot of students internet is down because of the snow. Also, if teacher’s internet goes down as well, they won’t be able to give asynchronous assignments. Even, if the teachers give asynchronous assignments, it wouldn’t make sense since all we’re doing is copying teachers’ notebooks and not really learning anything. This also gives students a break. Once students relax enough, they can perform their best in school since they’re in a better mood to learn.

Yes. It’s important to take breaks to make sure every student reaches their maximum potential at school. Also, WIFI might go down for some students, it would be unfair to teach to a class knowing that most are physically unable to attend.


No, go to school, you slackers! Here’s why…

Many students probably wouldn’t go outside, and a light workday wouldn’t prohibit the few people that would enjoy the snow. School ends at 2:45, there are hours afterward to have a snowball fight or build a snowman. I could argue that if there’s no school that would add more stress on students and put them behind, rather than feeling accomplished and getting a reward.

No. You would still be able to perform tasks as normal, it would be unnecessary to add stress later on by taking the day off. Many students struggle with asynchronous tasks, so why not have a light day of in class work?


Even students that tried to oppose the idea, ended up compromising. But what do you think? Should students get the day off?


Randall S., Brooke R., Valentina M., Jordyn W., Korinne S., Aniyah W., Gabrielle M., Emilie B., Alexander S., Kaydence P., Kalei T., Monae W., Lilu E., Huy N., Jonathan R., Thailiyah N., and Sokphany Y., contributed to this report.