Gamer Gifts to Get

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Are you tired of giving out gift cards? Having trouble finding the perfect gift? These are some ideas for your gamer friends!

Consoles list that I recommend getting for family/friends: 

 1. NintendoSwitch/ NintendoSwitch Lite

The Nintendo Switch costs $300 and the Switch Lite is $200. Even though these products are extremely expensive, it’s worth the cost. The Switch has so many games like Pokémon, Splatoon, Mario, Just Dance, Animal Crossing, and many more. Each game costs about $60. You’re even able to take this console on the go! I strongly recommend that you buy it for yourself or for others. 

2. Nintendo 3DS/2DS/DS

This Nintendo console costs around $100. It has almost every type of game the Switch has. It has Pokémon, Mario, and Animal Crossing, but lacks games that you must hook up to the tv. That’s why I recommend the Switch more, it has more games and features. However, the 3DS has many games that the Switch doesn’t have because of the bottom screen of the 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS is much more affordable than the switch. It’s true that less people are using the 3DS now because they’re busy playing on theSwitch, but your friend/family members will be happy playing the 3DS. 

Games to get if you purchase the consoles:  

1. Splatoon 2

This Splatoon game costs $60. This Splatoon is a Switch game. You get to access weapons and clothes like it’s previous game and team up to cover the ground with ink. Keep in mind you must purchase the NintendoOnline Membership to play the game. That costs about $8 a month.

2. Any Pokémon game from Diamond and Pearl to Sword and Shield 

These games range from the 3DS to the Switch. If I were to choose, I would pick Pokémon Ultra-Sun and Moon on the 3DS. You get access to all Pokémon, and if you’re a big fan of Kanto, then you get to catch all sorts of regional Kanto Alola forms. Try to create the best team to take on the champion. You can really tell the evolution of the graphics. Have fun exploring the Pokémon regions! For the 3DS Pokémon games it costs $30, and for the Switch games it costs $60. 

3. Just Dance 

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If you’re looking for an exercise game, I recommend Just Dance. You can get 2018-2021 from the Nintendo Switch. They all cost around $40. There are extra songs you can dance to by purchasing theUnlimited starting at $4 per month after you’ve completed the 30-day free trialHave fun dancing!