New Year, New Me!

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Face the Music
March 5, 2021

This year has been… just wow. A deadly disease outbreak, celebrities passing away, schools closingmurder hornets, the stressful election, social media trends, drama, boredom… shall I go on? It’s so easy to be consumed by all the negatives this year, especially with all those sad 2020 memes.  

But, luckily for us, the new year is coming up full speed!

 Are you excited for the new year? Are you scared or hesitant? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? It could be getting those grades up, being more positive or having more self-care days. Truly a lot to think about. But if you have some resolutions you’d like to share, you can complete the form and we’ll show your resolutions over break to motivate other students. In order to complete this form, you must be logged in to Office 365.

 Answers will include names, so please be aware that if we choose to show it, your name will be there too. If you still want to make a resolution without it being featured on our page, you can always write to yourself in a journal, tell a friend, or just take 30 seconds to think. We’re so proud of you Panthers this year for adapting to the strange conditions.

Stay safe and stay healthy Panthers! 2021 here we come!