Your inner critic doesn’t have to hold you back

Klohi D., Writer

People will always be their own worst critic, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Holding yourself to a high standard is okay but putting yourself down when you aren’t where you want to be is not.

I believe in working with my inner critic. That tiny voice in your head telling you to give up because you made a mistake or failed at something you put a lot of effort in will always be there. It’s not there to bring you down, it’s there because you want better for yourself. Why give up if you want more?

My inner critic is mainly about working hard and putting in my all. At the end of everything I work on I want to be able to say that I did my best. Sometimes looking at my work I realize that I didn’t do my best. That’s when my inner critic is very loud. Instead of letting it get loud I just realize I can do better and try harder next time.

I also rely on myself for praise and boost my own confidence. If you’re relying on other people to boost your confidence, then you also rely on them to bring out your insecurities. Your inner critic is like the counterpart to the most ambitious part of you.

My inner critic’s voice is actually my mom’s voice. If you put them together you get better results because it’s not constant negativity. It’s like positive critiquing.

Telling yourself you can do better and beating yourself up about it versus telling yourself you can do better and actually working to do better will change your life.