Water Fountain Madness

Gunnar C and Kye D

What’s the scariest thing you can think of doing at Stewart Middle School — besides getting called on in math class? 

Probably drinking out of the water fountains. 

I mean, if you want to fill up your water bottle in the water bottle filler, then I guess that’s fine, but drinking straight out of the water fountains? No thank you. 

Also have you noticed that on the water bottle filler, there’s this little counter that says how many water bottles that you’ve saved? Well, I’m going to show you those numbers and which water fountains you should drink out of, and which ones you should not. Which ones that are absolutely disgusting, and which ones have warm water that is unbelievably gross.  

The WSU hallway  

The WSU hallway is the hallway next to Mr. Gilbert’s class on the eighth-grade floor. So far in the WSU hallway we’ve saved 29,903 water bottles.  

According to our testers (Jaidyn R, Maxamillion C, and I) the water wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best.  

The UW hallway  

The UW hallway is found on the 8th grade floor next to Mr. Mata’s class. 

On the water bottle counter there we’ve saved 8,268, how sad.  

The water was pretty cold and refreshing, so if you need water that is a rather good fountain for it.  

The CWU hallway  

The CWU fountain is found on the 7th grade floor next to Mr. Meyer’s class. 

The water bottle counter is broken, and the water was cold, not bad.  

The WWU hallway  

The WWU water fountain is on the 7th grade floor next to Ms. Kazda’s room. 

The water was fairly cold, and the amount of water bottles saved was 19,955 bottles.  

The UPS hallway  

The UPS fountain on the 6th grade floor next to Ms. Moore’s class. 

The UPS hallway water bottle counter was ALSO broken and the water there sucks, don’t drink it.  

The PLU hallway  

The fountain in the PLU hallway is next to Mr. miller’s classroom they saved 30,719 

The water at this station was the WORST, there is a crusty macaroni noodle on the water fountain and the water tasted gross and is warm, DONT DRINK.  

The Gym  

The gym has saved 67,128 bottles.
It wasn’t that bad, not warm.  

The Auxiliary Gym 

Okay, so the auxiliary water was the worst one of all, it was the warmest and had a gross aftertaste so don’t drink it unless you want some disease and, they’ve only saved 8,295 bottles.  

The cafeteria  

The cafeteria was eh, it was kind of warm and just gross, so I don’t fully recommend it they’ve saved a nice 40,235 water bottles.  

The girl’s locker room   

I thought that the girl’s locker room had the BEST water, its cold and just tastes refreshing, but they’ve only saved 7,973 water bottles.  

So, I’d like to say DONT drink auxiliary water and the best water that anyone can drink out of is the one in the WWU hall. The one that has saved the most is in the gym.