Strange obsessions: Minion mania

Strange obsessions is an occasional series exploring our odd attachments.

Luis Z and Rina H, Writers

Do you like Minions? Thought they were funny or cute? Well, we know someone who’s a very big fan of Minions. Let’s see what Tori H has to say about her strange addiction.

“I think Minions are really amazing and if you don’t like them, you’re really weird,” Tori said. “They’re the best thing in the world. I like them because they’re funny. I also like the despicable movies; they’re really cool and my favorite movie series. I also was a Minion at seven years old. My Minion’s name is Bob. My Minion best friend is Greidy E.” 

What kind of Minion merch does Tori have?

7-year-old Tori: the early years of her Minion devotion.

“I have one Minion plushie, a blinking Minion figure, another Minion figure that talks and farts, once tiny Minion, a Minion phone case, Minion overalls from when I was seven, and Minion stickers all over my window.”  

What is the attraction of Minions? 

“I think I like Minions because they’re funny, squishy, and throwable,” Tori said. “I was a Minion once too. I also love the movies, I re-watched all of them a bunch of times because I like the characters, they have funny personalities, and the story line is also good.”  

Do you still think you’ll be a Minion fan when you’re older? 

“Yes, because I’ll never hate Minions, I’ll never get bored of them. When I’m an old lady, I’ll start knitting, specifically Minion sweaters. I’ll live in a yellow house and blue door just like the Minion design!”