Guest editorial: Changes I’d like to see at Stewart


Kyle'Aundreh D.

Szariyah G., with bullhorn, is one of the students leading calls for change here at Stewart.

Szariyah G., Student leader

Szariyah G., an 8th grader, is one of the leaders of the student movement to address bullying, harassment, and similar problems here at Stewart. She helped organize the two student walkouts earlier this month. We asked her to share her ideas for changes she’d like to see.

During the protest I asked students what they wanted to see changed here at Stewart Middles School.

Thing students said were:

· Less bullying

· Better unity

· More team building

· Less cyberbullying

· Better communication

The things that I personally would like to see changed is more and better and quicker action when it comes to things such as bullying, cyber bullying and sexual harassment.

I also think finding a person/ trusted adult to talk to will also better the community here at Stewart.