Did you know? Amaze your friends with your detailed knowledge of ‘the month of war’

See how much March really holds in this one month

Did you know? Amaze your friends with your detailed knowledge of the month of war

Zepa C, Writer and Knower of Nearly All Things

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I frequently question the way things are. And unfortunately I had to come up with an idea for the school newspaper this week, so if you’re interested in March’s history, lets find out.

March is named for the Roman god of war and an agricultural guardian. Mars, aka Ares, was the son of Jupiter and Juno and was the face of the military gods in the religion of the Roman army. Mars was often identified with the Greek god Ares in Roman art and literature. March was named after him for numerous reasons. For starters, March was known as the ‘Month of War’ because in ancient Roman calendars March was the first month of the year. March was also named the month of war because war would begin after the winter, along with the fact that Mars was supposedly born in the month of March. 

Also, did anyone else know that months had flowers that were associated with them? The birth flower of March is a daffodil. Daffodils go by many names and meanings; they are a part of the Narcissus Genus. Daffodils are the first flowers that are seen in spring and means that the winter is over. Which also means that daffodils signify new beginnings and rebirth along with happiness and joy. Fun fact: ancient Romans valued daffodils for their sap, saying that it had curative properties. If you are a March baby, do you think daffodils match up with your personality? 

March birthdays have two birthstones: aquamarine and bloodstone. Both stones symbolize strength and perseverance. The word aquamarine comes from the Latin words aqua meaning “water” and marina meaning “of the sea.” Aquamarine powder was once used as medicine for infections and allergic reactions. In the ancient times, Heliotrope was another term for Bloodstone which roughly translates to “Sun-turning.” It was called this because of stone turning blood red in the sun. The stone is believed to help with blood disorders and hemorrhages due to its association with blood. 

One of the world’s biggest social media outlets was released in March. Twitter was founded March 21, 2006 in San Francisco. But why was Twitter an idea? Why was It even thought of? Founders Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Noah Glass were previously inspired by the podcasting venture Odeo; Stone and Williams previously worked at Google and came up with a popular Web authoring tool Blogger, which is now known as Twitter. 

These facts are only the tip of the iceberg. If you are really interested in March history or events, make sure to check out the website On This Day. 

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