Stewart Walkout Experience

Both parties (students and staff) need to pitch in to help this issue

Stewart Walkout Experience

Stewart Middle School students took a stand Tuesday morning. And, got on news Fox13! Many came to show support and sympathy for the victims of sexual assault/harassment along with bullying issues.


The protest was calm but impactful. And it wasn’t just students out there, parents and news cast came to show their concerns about what is being protested. Parents held banners and chanted with us while being outside of the gate. When it came to an end, they huddled us all together and talked to us about ‘doing our part’ meaning, we needed to head back to class and be on our best behavior to show that we really need change. They continued to say that they were proud of us for standing up and that we needed to continue being good students.

The protest was also very organized compared to the last one. Extra umbrellas were provided from parents outside the gate, there was a group of kids that came by with bags of chips, ponchos were passed out to those who needed it. There was a group of kids that took control and kept everything in order, when they shouted for us to be quiet, we did (for the most part), when they said that we were going to march around the track, we did. When we were not marching, we were sitting close together in the middle of the football field.

All in all, the protest was for a good cause, therefore I feel strongly supportive towards it.


If you didn’t go, after this review how do you feel towards it? What are your thoughts?