Stewart students worry about the war in Ukraine

Gunnar C and Max C.

It’s a little far-fetched to think that Russian paratroopers will be landing anywhere near us soon, but the situation in Ukraine has us thinking about what it must be like to have another country invading ours. Here’s how Stewart middle schoolers feel if war came to us.  

We asked Stewart students about their worries if the United States gets pulled into the war in Ukraine, and about how they’d feel if they had to comply with safety measures, such as blackout curtains and emergency sirens, like the people in Ukraine.

Some students said they were very worried about the U.S. having to confront Russia, with its nuclear arsenal.

“It could lead to nuclear war and end millions,” said Landyn, a 7th grader. As for security rules, “I would be ok with it if it was for our safety.”

Another 7th grader, Katie H., likewise said, “I would be afraid because we have the atomic bomb.” And she said she’d go along with security rules:“If it’s to keep us safe then I’m ok with it.”

But others aren’t taking the situation too seriously.

“I would be sad, but happy because there wouldn’t be school,” Ben A. “No one can mess with me when I play Fortnite.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. Ukraine in recent years has developed better relations with countries of Western Europe, including trying to join NATO, a western military alliance that includes the United States. But Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatened by this and demanded that Ukraine not be allowed to join NATO.

The U.S. and European countries have provided huge amounts of weapons and other military support to Ukraine. More than 600 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded in the fighting so far, according to reports Sunday.

As you can see, some people at Stewart are worried about themselves and their families and some people don’t care about the war on the other side of our world.

But a lot of people are watching the news right now, scared of this war that is happening and thinking that World War III is going to happen any day this year. All we can do is hope that Putin will stop being paranoid, so nothing happens that hurts the people we love.