How much power do eyes hold?

Angelica R

Eyes are particularly important parts of human features. Especially eye contact. Eye contact is a way of communicating, there is a certain way you look at another to let them know what is going on. Eyes are the key to your whole look. There is a certain way you could make your eyes look that will change your whole appearance. One way of changing your eye appearance is makeup.

Eye makeup –

Eyes are especially important when it comes to your whole makeup look. Eyeliner, eye shadow, lashes etc.

Ariana Grande, a well-known artist and actor, is known for having a signature cat eye styled eyeliner. A look that not all can perfect the same exact way. Ariana does her eyeliner within seconds while others spend minutes (personally hours) trying to recreate the whole cat eye eyeliner look.

Tahliah Debrett Barnett, also known as FKA twigs, is known for many things. She’s an English songwriter and is also known for her iconic eye look.

Eye superstitions –

One common superstition about eyes is “carrots make good eyesight.” Kids in Nepal are told to eat greens to improve eyesight and avoid eyestrain. Another eye superstition is when your eye twitches it either means good or bad luck. Some cultures believe that a twitch in the right eye is associated with good news and success in the future. However, a twitch in the left eye means misfortune and bad luck. Also, the ancient Egyptians believed green eyes meant good health and rebirth.

Back to the ancient Egypt people used a substance called kohl. Kohl was used to sharpen the eye of royalty. Malachite and Galena were commonly used back in ancient Egypt and can even be found in today in burials from that era. However, makeup looks that surrounded the eye gained popularity in the 60s. Eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc. really skyrocketed in the 60s.


Eye attraction is not something new. Doing things with your eyes such as makeup or tattoos etc. is not anything new to our generation. It has been around for years and is only getting trendy now