Masks: On Or Off?

Klohi D

As of 2020, students and people everywhere have had to wear masks every day and follow all COVID precautions. On March 14th Tacoma public school district is planning to lift this mandate but not everyone is sure this is a promising idea. At Stewart Middle School we do our best to stay COVID free and keep everybody safe, yet it has been difficult.

We as students have many opinions on the mask mandate. One of our students said, “It makes me feel safer to wear my mask”. Another said, “It would be easier to breathe.” These are two valid points and if the mask mandate is lifted, we get to make a choice for ourselves.

We interviewed Nurse Nancy to get her opinion.

How do you feel about the mask mandate?

it is the right thing to do, it is a serious situation, and it is what we can do to keep everyone safe.

Would you recommend we continue wearing masks or stop wearing them?

I don’t feel that we’re in a good place for our county to stop wearing masks.

How would the mask mandate being lifted affect day to day school?

Well some students may choose to continue wearing masks and others might not but as for social distancing I don’t know yet.

Coincidentally the mask mandate is being lifted almost exactly 2 years after we went into quarantine. I, myself will still be wearing my mask because kids are dirty. Wash your hands children.

The mask mandate being lifted puts other things in perspective as well. For example, the 6 ft at all times rule. This was specifically hard with 20 something students in a class so masks made a lot of us feel safer. Not to mention, students were still encountering COVID and missing 2 weeks of school even with masks. We must think how many people would encounter COVID without masks.

Here are some opinions of the students here at Stewart.

Lola: “I think it would be great if we didn’t have to wear masks, because you can do more things without having to choke on the fuzz balls that are inside the masks.”

Shayanna: “I would feel very uncomfortable, because I don’t want anyone looking at my face.”

Jimmy: “I’d feel happy, because then I could breathe.”

Linda: “I think that’d be a big problem and I think we should still wear them.”

Javion: “I don’t know, to be honest I never wear my mask.”