Get your brackets in — it’s time for March Mad, er, Happiness!

We’re voting for the things that make us most happy, starting with a field of 64

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Happy Brackets is kind of a Stewart 8th grade tradition, but this year, it’s expanded to the whole school. Teachers asked students about the things that made them happy, and then summarized the answers and put them all in a bracket, like the NCAA’s annual March Madness basketball tournament.

There’s a contest for who can pick the correct Final Four. Which four entries will survive the voting by Stewart students and go head-to-head the week before Spring Break to be crowned Stewart’s happiness champ?

Here’s home some Panthers Now experts see the field:

Rina H.

Knowledge bracket:  Phone vs. hanging out with my best friend will be the last two. They’re both good things that make students happy. Phones, you can use them to text your friend or call, which can be a similar experience as hanging out with my best friend, but through the screen. Hanging out with my best friend is, obviously, better than calling or Facetiming your friends from your phone. You can go places together, eat food, watch movies and more. But, phones are still good compared to hanging out with your best friend. You can play games on it, buy things on it, and more. I’m sure most, if not, all of the Stewart students with a phone will pick phones in this bracket. Everyone loves their phones. … So, as much as I’d like to think hanging out with my best friend will win, phones are going to get picked in the Knowledge bracket.

Character bracket: Pho vs video games. Though Pho isn’t as popular as video games in middle school, it’s still a very very great pick. I love eating pho, but I also love playing video games. Honestly, I think video games are going to win, since middle schoolers don’t do anything besides playing games. So, it’d be the top pick for the Character bracket.

Health bracket: Laughing really really hard vs boba: I LOVE laughing REALLY REALLY hard, until my whole face hurts. It’s the best feeling and it makes me feel really happy but silly. Boba Tea is another good choice, it depends on what kind of drink you choose to make the boba taste good or no. If you just pick soda or juice with boba (that is actually disgusting, pick popping boba instead) it’ll taste bad. If you pick green tea, milk tea, basically the GOOD drinks with boba, it’ll taste awesome. I love having green tea boba. Now, boba tea comes close, but, laughing really really hard wins.

Fortitude bracket: To be completely honest, I’m not sure about this bracket. There’s a lot of different options to choose from and you can’t really compare them. But, from my personal choices I pick pets (specifically cats). If you know me, you’d know how much I love cats. … They’re so scrunkly.

All of my picks are honestly the best, I know. But in conclusion, laughing really really hard wins. It’s the best thing ever and makes me the happiest (cats too, but they’re under the category of pets so they don’t count).

Angelica R.

Knowledge bracket: “My phone” would win this bracket because in our generation honestly no teen could live without their technology.

Character bracket: Getting your look just right is very important. A lot of people judge you on your appearance. I’m not trying to tell you to listen to other peoples’ opinions but your looks could really impact your appearance.

Fortitude bracket: I choose bubble tea over anything. I honestly cannot live without bubble tea. I might sound dramatic but bubble tea over anything.

Health bracket: I think equality is very important, it shouldn’t even be a question.

Madison G.

Knowledge bracket: Phone is going to win. Not an option I would choose but I feel like a lot of students here at Stewart only care about their phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if sleep became runner-up followed by the weekend. If I choose the winning option, I would pick new shoes or intelligence. Yes, I value intelligence, but shoes are also fun to have.

Character bracket: Video games will stay alive to the finish. Possibly pho coming swiftly behind it. A lot of people care about video games. Some other 8th graders might think differently, but then again, we have a whole 6th grade student-body who still value Fortnite. I would choose freedom of speech. Not just because its “morally right” (it slightly is) but just because we use it every day. We use it when we argue with our parents, when we protest about suicide and bullying, and when we tell someone off for not seeing our opinion.

Fortitude bracket: I have a slight feeling that vacation will overcome. Most people enjoy sunny beaches or snowy cabins. Drawing and no school probably will make it to the top. Another possibility would be plastic babies. People might think that’s funny and vote for it as a joke. I would choose hugs or laughing hard. It’s comforting and it just sounds nice to me.

Health bracket: Tacos will join the winners, and I agree. Yes, equality. But tacos? To be honest I hope equality does win. But I have a soft spot for those crunchy onions and sweet corn tortilla delicacies.

Mac M.

Knowledge bracket: Hanging out with friends or phone is going to win because a lot of kids our age like those the most.

Character bracket: Freedom of speech or grandparents are going to win because it’s a right to have freedom of speech and if it’s taken away it wouldn’t be so good. It could also be grandparents because they’re family.

Fortitude bracket: No school because a lot of people don’t really like going to school everyday.

Health bracket: Equality will win because it’s important and if there isn’t equality then people will be upset and not feel accepted or like they’re less than others.

Yen N.

Knowledge bracket: It’s probably goanna be between phones and best friends. Which for many people will be a tough choice because they are both very valuable. Phones are a must for many people, and we use them all the time. But best friends are a person close to you and a person you tend to look for whenever you have a problem or just want to talk. Another good match is noodles and intelligence, because it’s a 50/100 chance for both sides.

Character bracket: This isn’t as much of a hard decision compared to the other brackets. The two close ups will most likely be video games, which is common for many people, and getting paid because who doesn’t want to get paid? I know I like to.

Fortitude bracket: It’s a tough choice between bubble tea and no school. There’s really no need to explain why though because you can clearly tell. School, for a lot of people, is the source of stress and with no school, then there will be less stress, which results in more happiness. But bubble tea is a thing that many people enjoy, though not all, but many.

Health bracket: Though there are many good and debatable choices, I’ve got to go with anime and summer. Anime is maybe specific to only people who like anime, but I know there are a lot of people out there who like it. And in summer, you can do many things during the summer like vacations, traveling, and most importantly, no school.