Stewart’s Anti-Bullying Walkout


Kyle'Aundreh D.

Hopemary’s sign covers many of the issues that drove organizers of Wednesday’s walkout.

Kye D

Hundreds of Stewart Middle School students walked out of class Wednesday morning to protest a whole array of problems – in-school bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, suicide, and to express their belief that school officials aren’t doing enough about them. 

The walkout took place at 10:45 a.m. and was supposed to end at 11, but students were still out until nearly noon. 

 Students flooded the hallways, chanting and holding signs, and made their way onto the field. They walked around the track chanting and showing their passion for the matters.

Students listed off names of kids who they said have been bullied, sexually assaulted, or brought to suicide. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, bullying has got to go!” students chanted while walking along the track. 

“Something happened to me a while ago and I want justice” -Kailee A. 

 Protests are more than just GOING, you need to participate and speak your mind, or you can stand against the thing wrong with this school, this world. We are just kids, but we are kids with a dream of peace and equality.

We walked the track with a thought, a dream where bullying, suicide, and sexual assault are no more but, it isn’t that easy, this is AN end, but it is not THE end; it is the end to a new beginning, a new tomorrow.