Lab-Banana takes over the world


Rina H and Carlos D.

What is a Lab banana? Lab banana is a banana made with human cells in it.

Where did the lab banana come from? Lab banana started off from a YouTube/TikTok video from “Providingforthecommunity”. This mysterious Lab Banana looks real, it moves like a worm but sturdy. No one knows if it’s real or fake. Honestly, after watching a few videos from the creator’s channel, I believe its real. I might sound childish, but it doesn’t look edited. This “Providingforthecommunity” person likes to hold the Lab Banana and pet it, freaky.

What is Lab Banana up to right now? Lab banana is currently missing as of February 22, 2022. It has escaped the lab.

Is there another Lab Banana? No, but there is a Lab Chicken Nugget. He is very aggressive.

I don’t think it’s cute but if it were to become a popular thing and evolve, I think this is what would happen: Lab Banana will disguise itself as a normal banana, wait for a human to eat it and take over the human body but start off like this

Then it gets big and starts fighting the human for ownership of the body, wins, then takes over the body and becomes powerful and fast. Lab bananas will take over the world!  


This banana is very dangerous, this banana could kill a lot of people, this banana is strong, powerful. It is a nasty gooey banana that moves like a worm. It looks like it has mold. Lab banana is mid, L banana, L banana peel, L human cells. No one knows if this banana is real or fake, but I think I found the answer. According to this YouTube short, This banana is FAKE. I always thought it was fake. This banana was an imposter! Even if it was real, I would’ve still beaten it up.