Sensitive or aware?

Where’s the line between funny and offensive?


Zepa C., Editor

Gen Z has had lots of recognition for being “too sensitive”. Lots of new generation has either been born during the quarantine era or was forced to adapt to this era as the new normal. Covid-19 hasn’t affected everyone in the most positive ways; people cooped up in their homes, uncomfortable face coverage, parents home-schooling. If anything, we should get major points for making it this far. Newer generation also has the most knowledge about technology and reaching out to the people, meaning that we are more socially involved and politically involved.

The term ‘snowflake’ has been thrown around a lot as well. What does this term really mean? The term is an insult for someone who is perceived as too sensitive, often used for millennials and liberals. However, this term is not always used in a political manner, it can just refer to someone who “can’t take a joke” and needs “tougher skin”.

Usually, this term is thrown around after someone one didn’t react to something humorously. 9/10 times that something is offensive to a large group of people. And almost always the “joke” isn’t even funny, its rude and dry.

If anything, I believe we are more informed and aware. We are more connected to technology; with this we are willing to incite change. Yet somehow, we need tougher skin? What? We’re just trying to change the toxic environment that older generations grew up with.