Pokémon: Legends of Arceus review

Venture to an alternate universe and battle new creatures

Charlyn G, Writer

Games have been normal in recent years. However, games used to embody playing outside, but I cannot think of a single game that is outside anymore. Most people simply turn on their computers and game online.

I am here to share with you one of the newest games that I personally love and recommend.

Pokémon is one of the most popular franchises, and now it is dipping into the open world genre. I love the new game called Pokémon: Legends of Arceus.

It’s presented in the early years of Pokémon catching, showing what Poke balls looked like a long time ago. I love this game because of the showing of crafting, catching, and a few more! No other game can beat this yet. This game shows how we are constantly improving, and it shows how Pokémon interact with humans without common ground.

In older Pokémon games, specifically the first few, it was based on when you go in the grass and find Pokémon randomly. This game shows how we can be resourceful and instead of Pokémon, we can hide in the grass.

However, not all is sunshine and rainbows. This game emphasizes on Pokémon immediately attempting to attack people, which is un-true for animals in real life. It could be true that they act differently, but in real life, even a wolf would not go out of its way to attack you.

There are very few deaths due to animals in real life, in fact, we normally attack them first, which triggers them to attack.

But I will not go into criticizing this game, as I am here to recommend you play this game, as even if it is not super realistic, it shows some harmony between Pokémon and humans, and just is fun to play!

The most calling features in the game include catching Pokémon outside of battle and crafting. Minecraft was called what it is now because you mined and crafted, and these were the two primary features. So, Pokémon has even more features and could be counted as being one of the most versatile open-world games out there!

Now, go play Pokémon: Legends of Arceus.