‘Our chemistry is undeniable’

The cornier the better as 8th grade science students create vocab-y Valentine’s messages.


Trizure A.

Students in Ms. Tomkinson’s 8th grade science class flexed their vocab skills to create punny, sciency Valentine’s Day cards.

Tori H, Writer

Have you ever seen a class do science Valentines? This year Mrs. Tomkinson, an 8th grade science teacher here at Stewart, had her classes make science-related Valentine’s cards.

They are these small cards that all have cute or funny science puns, for example a periodic table of elements that spell out, “will you be my valentine.”  

We asked Mrs. Tomkinson some questions about these fun Valentine’s Day cards and here’s what she had to say!:

What was your thought process on this?

I think science writing is really important, and it’s never the focus of the science class, so I thought we could just for Valentine’s Day kind of make a play on words and get creative both artistically and with language. 

Have you done this with classes before? Do you plan to do it in the future?

I haven’t done this before, but I plan to do it for my future classes.  

What inspired you to do this?

I think science puns are hilarious, so it was a way to get my students to do it.  

Were kids excited to do this? Did many participate?

They thought it was a little weird at first to be honest, but everyone participated even if it was the smallest thing like a rock. 

I think this is a fun idea and it’s a good break from learning while still being about science. I love it when teachers do projects that make you get creative; I definitely am excited to make these cards and I know a bunch of others who would be as well. What do you think about these science valentines?  

If you want to see, more, make sure you go to Mrs. Tomkinson’s room on the 8th grade floor.